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Difference in standards between in-ears and other types?

  1. Inquirer2
    Recently I considered getting a good pair of in-ears for portable use. I don't have easy access to in-person auditions, but I was able to listen to a pair of Grado GR10s.
    I thought they were so bad I couldn't understand why anyone would ever listen to them. I thought I must be doing something wrong; however, a sales person thought things were correct. But a pair of SR80is trounced the 3-times-as-expensive GR10s. 
    At home I have a pair of HiFiMan HE-500s; they sound wonderful. Every time I use them I feel that their purchase price was money well spent.
    Do people describing the sound of in-ears adopt a completely different standard than the one they use to judge everything else? Any ideas about what is going on here.
    TIA for any insights.
  2. some1
    How good was the seal on your audition?  Did you get to try a number of different tips?
  3. Inquirer2
    I tried to make sure the seal was tight, and I tried three different tips.
  4. some1
    I recently tried the GR8's and they sounded pretty good to me, not to my taste, but they certainly didn't sound bad, makes me wonder if there wasn't something wrong with the seal or the earphones, or the source or something.
    Also hi-fi is one of the most subjective areas of consumerism, so its hardly surprising one mans junk is another mans gold, perhaps they were just not for you.

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