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Difference in Bluetooth quality from phones?

  1. Pluggedin
    If I were to use a quality Bluetooth amp like the FiiO Q5s, would there be a discernable difference in quality between signal sent from an LG phone with the same Bluetooth technology as a Samsung phone? I know that the DAC in the LG is better than the Samsung, just not sure how Bluetooth factors in exactly...would the sound be colored by the Fiio and their own DACs? If so, how much difference would it make? Thanks!
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    DAC = Digital to Analogue Converter

    BT transmits digital.

    BT bypasses DAC.

    Ergo DAC doesn't matter if you use BT.
  3. Pluggedin
  4. Durza
    Adding to/clarifying the previous answer: DAC does matter if you use Bluetooth, just not the phone's on board DAC. The digital signal is sent over Bluetooth, and then converted by the DAC in your Bluetooth device(in this example, a Fiio Q5s).

    I noticed you said "with the same Bluetooth technology", but I'd like to add a little info related to that. If, when you say "Bluetooth technology", you mean what Bluetooth version the phones use (Ex: v4.1 or v5) that might not mean the phones have equivalent Bluetooth performance. Even if two phones have the same Bluetooth version, they won't necessarily perform the same. Your Bluetooth audio experience is heavily impacted by signal strength, and other factors, so if one phone has a weak transmitter/receiver in comparison, your audio quality will likely suffer! Bluetooth technology is a complicated beast. If you want to learn more, just Google "Bluetooth audio codecs" there are some articles that have lots of helpful info!
  5. Pluggedin
    Durza! Much appreciate the further clarification and detail. I was indeed referring to the Bluetooth version and will now certainly look deeper into actual performance of the phone I plan to buy. Thanks, take care!

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