Difference in AUDIGY 2 versions? Please help a potential buyer. Thanks.
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Mar 3, 2004
Newegg has two versions, one "SB0244" version for $69 and the ZS "SB0350" version that looks different (plug-ins aren't colored, for one).

I went to different sites and they have versions such as "SB0240" and the ZS for various prices.

WHat is the difference?!?!!

p.s. cool new website look, I like it
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the Audigy 2 ZS is an "update" of the Audigy 2 line... it should have better specs and possibly more features? I haven't really been paying attention.

the progress of the soundblaster line goes something like:
live -> audigy - > audigy 2 -> audigy 2 ZS -> audigy 3 (to be released soon)

if you are looking at these for use as a computer source to play music files, I suggest you look for other cards that perform better in the same price range though.
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Yeah, people keep trying to convince me to buy a different card for music (I do indeed listen to music much more than playing games on my computer), but I've gotten so many sparatic suggestions I can't cling to anything. Some say Santa Cruz, some say Chaintech, some say Revolution, some say Prodigy... yadda yadda yadda. I figured I'd just stick with a company I know will give me what I want and that has continually pleased me and get the Audigy 2.

Btw, when do you think Audigy 3 will come out?
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you can always put two cards in your system as tiberian suggested. I have both an audigy 2 ZS platinum (for gaming and surround) and an RME hammerfall DSP 9632 (for output to the headphone amp) in this system for the same reason.

the chaintech isn't that expensive and should be a nice upgrade in stereo sound from the audigy 2 (ZS) from what I have been reading here.
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Originally Posted by GreenFloyd
Btw, when do you think Audigy 3 will come out?

Probably not for quite some time. I have a feeling that Creative is going to milk the Audigy 2 for all it's worth.
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Originally Posted by GreenFloyd
I'm really not a hardcore audiophile like everybody here is. One card is all I'm getting.

Well... considering that the Chaintech card costs about 25$, it might be a good investment
I'd gladly buy one to complement my A2 ZS - if I could. No retailers for it around here.

Wouldn't wait for Audigy 3 though, it could possibly be PCI-X only.
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sb0244 is the audigy2 (older version). only 6.1, 106db(snr), eax 3.0.

sb0350 is the audigy2 zs. supports 7.1, 108db(snr). supports the latest eax 4.0. also has better software controls in my opinion.

if i were to pick between the two, i'd get the audigy2 zs.
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EAX 4.0 ADVANCED HD Driver Update for Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2/Audigy 2 ZS

This driver update contains enhancements and fixes to improve the performance of your Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 or Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS product.

Added Feature:

*EAX 4.0, containing DirectSound and Open AL API extensions, to utilize the
EAX 4.0 ADVANCED HD Multiple Environment feature

Actually both the Audigy 2 and Audigy 2 ZS support EAX 4.0. Dunno if any games actually uses it however.

If the Audigy 2 has coloured plug-ins, it an OEM card I think. The retail Audigy 2's are gold coloured.
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Audigy 2 zs is good enough sound quality wise for a computer.

I'm happy with mine.
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I have an Audigy 1 Platinum ex which cost me $250. My $50 Audiotrak Opto Play destroys the Audigy for music. There is no comparison. The Audiophile USB that I recently purchased sounds better than the Opto Play but difference is VERY small when compared to the difference between the A1 and the Opto Play.

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