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Difference between cheap and expensive DAC

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by dead99, Jan 1, 2014.
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  1. dead99
    What actually is the difference between a cheap transparant DAC (like the ODAC) and a expensive one?
  2. Happy Camper
    For some, price. circuitry, more resolution, more features.
  3. dead99
    and what kind of features?
  4. nick_charles Contributor
    Different and multiple extra inputs (analog/digital) , ADC sections, more outputs (digital and/or analog, balanced outputs) , built-in preamp and/or headphone amps, multiple headphone sockets, different reconstruction filters, upsampling options, tube sections blah drone etc
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  5. ab initio

    Don't forget fancy case designs and elaborately crafted marketing literature!
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  6. wnmnkh Contributor
    Most transducers are not really good enough to reveal the faults of DAC in the first place.
    Also human ears' limitations play a big role for this case.
  7. Mambosenior
    After owning DACs from $150. (used) to $6000 (new), the only difference—other than more zeros on the price, and the mumbo-jumbo the manufacturers and fan-boys love to spout—very, very little. Connectability (inputs, outputs) may differ but hardly worth the money when other solutions are readily available. Just my 2-cents worth. OK? Now, let’s take on that other pink elephant: overpriced CD transports!
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  8. dvw
    I can't even imagine any DAC cost over $100. I used to design DAC chips when I was younger. The DAC cannot be made with an all discrete design. Not only is it expensive, the quality is not competitive to a integrated design. All DAC manufacturers build their equipment by buying chips from semiconductor vendors from 50 cents to $2. The total BOM and R&D cost is comparatively low compared to R&D expense of the actual DAC chips. So, the only difference is the add-ons like power supply, power amplifier. knobs and LEDs on the front panel. I do my DAC shopping by finding out what DAC chip is being used, read the data sheet and then find the lowest price. 
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  9. Gignac
    And in terms of chip architecture...any preferences these days?
    I've heard a few different DAPs out there with a variety of DAC chips...seems like the Sabre ES9018 is a popular variety, but what difference does this really make?
    I've heard DAPs with the ES9018 and a Wolfson side-by-side, and I can't really tell if the differences in my listening came from the DAC or the onboard amplifier of the DAPs.  Which would typically play more of a role?
    Designing DAC chips sounds like quite the career, btw!
  10. bigshot
    One is ordinary and the other employs magic pixie dust.
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  11. Gignac
    I knew it - pixie dust is expensive as hell these days...should have bought more in the 80s.
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  12. bigshot
    It's not expensive if you happen to know a pixie.
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  13. Mambosenior
    Yes, but do remember: Knowing pixie for the dust=legal, sleeping with pixie for the dust=incarceration.
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  14. bigshot
    Ah! But WHAT A WAY TO GO!
  15. Gignac
    NO! I'm not going back there for that again!  I don't care how much they give me, I will not be taken advantage of!
    On another note..........DAC chips?
    Those were the days...
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