Diff between PX100s and PX200s
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Feb 26, 2009
Out of these two Sennheiser models the PX100 and the PX200 is there much of a sound diffrence between the two, and out of the two which do you prefer?

Also what's the main sound difference between the two?
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Depending on which version you have. I have two PX100s both boxes showing a guy wearing the PX100 and they both sounded noticeably different from one another. The black one sounded dark and very bassy while the white px100 sounded more balanced. White one sounded more clearer with sweeter mids/hi and lesser bass.
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Albinoni;5723120 said:
is there much of a sound diffrence between the two

Yes, night and day


Originally Posted by Albinoni /img/forum/go_quote.gif
and out of the two which do you prefer?

+1 for the PX100. Like the posters above have mentioned, the 100 is much more fun. It delivers an open, bright sound at the expense of isolation. The 200 is too dark and sounds slightly muffled to me. I do prefer the leatherette earpads on the 200, and thats about it.
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X100: open, very dark and bassy, not very detailed but pretty fun

Veey well said IMO.
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PX200 is the closed version of PX100, meaning it prevents leakage and gives more isolation.

Soundwise, my impression was that the 100s sound significantly better because the 200s have more dominant, muddier bass.
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Ok thatnks for your posts and repleis. I had honestly thought that the PX200s were a better sounding headphone than the PX100s due to the fact that their more expensive. Also I am aware than the PX 100 are open type and 200 are closed type, so the PX200 will cut out outside noise or sound leakage where as the 100's wont.

I do have a pair of PX100's but was also thinking of getting a pair of PX200's to add to my collection with my Grado and AKG's (mind you I love the Grados and AKG's.

The PX100 is nice but in someways I did find them to be a bit tiny compared to my AKG's, hate to say this but I did find them to lack slightly in bass, will have to re-listen to them again.

Prob best I go to my dealer and listen to the PX200's, as everyone has got personal taste.
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just buy px200 cusions
, the prob with the px200 is that it closed back ,px open back ,that what make them sound much better , igot the pxw100(px100 white) and i listend before the buy ,akg k412 k412 ...and it just better then all i tried before , exept of koss porta pro ..just forgonten about them after listen the first time to px100

i just love them
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I have the AKG's K416P and sorry to say but i find they sound better to that of the PX100 in terms of virtually everything this means clarity, bass, treble, warmth, midrange etc and seem to me more detailed, also better frequency repsonce.

I dont know what it is but the PX100s seem to lack in something to me, they dont seem to have that Bang or Oomf the AKG's do.

But than again everyones hearing is personal and subjective.
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The difference between PX200 and PX100 is like this:
PX200 - PX100 = PX100 LOL
The answer tells us that you should stick with your PX100s. The PX200s are a step down in SQ in my opinion. I've yet to see someone recommend the PX200s over the PX100s save the isolation issues.

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