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Sep 5, 2006
ok, so i am listening to psychic tv - kondole and loving the didgeridoo on the part 1. I have also heard the instrument on the very beginning track of the legendary pink dots - the maria dimension.

would anyone care to recommend any albums that use the didgeridoo as an instument? i am mostly into the slower bpm (less then 130) electronic music but really digging the depth of this instrument.
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The highest dose of Didgeridoo you can have is the album Halcyon Days by Steve Roach, Stephen Kent and Ken Newby. The recording is superb, very much in-your-face, and the spacious, delicate ambient electronics is truly beautiful.

Stephen Kent has some solo didg/electronics didg fusion albums which I haven't investigated. Mark Atkins is another name that you may want to check out.

Of course the most famous exponent of the instruement is David Hudson. His discog is so big that it is difficult to start. Most of his albums, however, are straightforward didg, instead of fusion.
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Be sure to check out some of the music of Peter Sculthorpe, an Australian composer who has written for didjeridu and orchestra.
Earth Cry is on Naxos 8557382.
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Also make sure to check out Steve Roach's collabs with Byron Metcalf and Jorge Reyes. Proper aural shamanism!
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I don't think it's the type of music you're looking for, but I really like Xavier Rudd. He's an Australian indie folk acoustic multi-instrumentalist, who sings a lot of socially conscious songs. He reminds me of Ben Harper (maybe a little of Jack Johnson?) & has opened up tours for Dave Matthews, if that gives you any kind of idea. In concert, he'll have his whole rig right there in front of him: guitars, harmonicas, lap steel, percussion, & a stand with 3 didgeridoos. Good stuff, if you're into that kind of thing.
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If you're into digeridoo and crazy stuff in general, look for Ganga Giri's albums. Having seen them live at Folk Fest Vancouver not once but twice, I can say that they're a pretty unique group.
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Dr Didg is a legend, physics Ph.D holding didgeridoo genius!

Check out Aphex Twin's Didgeridoo for an alternative take as well.

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