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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. up late
    i also experienced that with the original diana, which is why i asked. i was hoping that the larger ear pads on the phi version would have redressed that issue. i still intend to give the diana V2 a try tho.
  2. lockjaw
    I AB'd the Diana vs D-PHI. Big improvement with the PHI, wasn't even close. The old Diana pads, for me, were terrible... really uncomfortable. I assume the V2s are better they use similar pads as the D-PHI. The magic is still in the sound the PHI drivers deliver. I dare say the extra cost is worth it. If you don't have the PHI, you will always question what you're missing (and it's not subtle). I feel that way about upgrading my beloved 1266 OGs, just don't have the cheddar. No question the 1266s are better sounding... more bass, insane sound stage, just cumbersome to wear. Not uncomfortable, just awkward unless sitting bolt upright at my desk. When I compare my D-PHI vs 1266 OG, it's really no contest sonically, 1266 all the way even with the old drivers. But Diana vs Diana, PHI matters. The better your amp, the more obvious this is.

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  3. up late
    thanks for the comparison. i would audition the diana phi if my local dealer made one available, but i suspect that they will only have the diana V2 out on the floor.

    i didn't have an issue with the diana's ear cups as such, it was the pressure that it exerted on both sides of my head just above the ear pads that bothered me more than anything else really.
  4. HiFiGuy528
    I am listening to Z1r powered by DMP-Z1 right now as I type this. I love Sony, but Diana v2 and Phi are miles ahead in performance in every way. Z1r is still a great headphone and fun when I’m in the mood for casual listening while I browse the web/forums. My daily driver is Diana Phi powered by DMP-Z1.
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  5. HiFiGuy528
    Agreed. I was surprised by how well AK KANN CUBE drives Diana Phi and the sound quality was exceptional via the 2.5mm balanced output. If I didn’t have DMP-Z1, I would own KANN CUBE.
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  6. MIR05LAV
    Thanks a lot for the answer! Hoped to hear that Sony is almost as good lol. I love my Diana and I am looking for similar sound in closed back phones now. Best so far was LCD-XC, but
    not close enough. Well.. :)
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  7. up late
    the z1r's sound signature shares little in common with the diana imo
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  8. chimney189
    I’ve spent about 10 minutes with the v2, and compared to the Phi I’d say there’s about a 5-10% difference. Those differences being that the Phi sounds a tad more spacious and has a leaner, yet somewhat tighter bass response. The differences are VERY subtle.

    The Phi MIGHT also be a smidge smoother in the highs.
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  9. lockjaw
    Z1s are fun, but not "audiophile" as they accentuate bass and to some some degree treble... "V shaped". Headphones don't need to be audiophile (reproduce everything perfectly as recorded) in order to be fun. For example, I have a set of Kilpsch HP3s that are a ton of fun to listen to (lots of great bass) but in no way outperform the Abyss. Having said that, perfect reproduction, especially poorer recording, gets fatiguing .

    As for Diana vs D PHI, in my experience the difference was quite significant, especially with a great amp (GSX MK2 or the like). The longer your listen, the more apparent it becomes. Both are great headphones and if stuck on a desert island with a good system and solar panels, would be happy to have either.... or the Z1s for that matter.
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  10. chimney189
    What were these significant differences?
  11. chimney189
    I still have a lot of comparing to do, but initial impressions between the Z1R and the Diana v2 have produced some obvious differences.
    In general the Z1R sounds bigger and bolder. It carries more weight and has a thicker lower mid-range, and I believe that this thick lower mid-range gives the Z1R its character. The Z1R is also definitely more laid-back in comparison to the Diana v2. Furthermore, I believe that the mid-range on the Z1R is more recessed and less in-your-face than the Diana v2 -- and actually the whole signature of the Z1R is less present than the Diana v2, more distant in a way. Lastly, of course, is that the Z1R is less open-sounding even though it doesn't sound like a closed headphone in my opinion. The Z1R has more of a cohesive type of sound signature as well.

    I think that the Diana v2 wins on technicalities, speed, handling complex passages, instrument separation/placement, treble response, overall detail (although this is closer than most would think), openness, bass punch and overall immediacy in sounds (although this comes down to preference). Even though it sounds like the Diana would be more engaging I believe that both are closer than one would think, but I would say that the Z1R produces more toe-tapping while the Diana v2 has more of an eye opening experience.

    I'm glad that I own these headphones. :)

    EDIT: in terms of comfort I'd say that I prefer the Diana v2 by a smidge because it is more breathable and it feels lighter. However, I do find that there is a bit of pressure on the sides of my upper jaws even with the improved headband and pads. The Z1R has more of a snug, pillow-like fit because of it's plush leather pads and even weight distribution. The Diana v2 takes a bit of time getting used to, but after a song or two I find myself more engrossed in the music rather than thinking about the applied pressure
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2019
  12. chimney189
    I just tried plugging in my LH Labs Geek Out 720 into my iPhone 6 and it stated that it is too powerful.... :frowning2:

    Help, anyone? Or am I screwed?
  13. up late
    dunno anything about that, sorry. i hope that it's nothing serious.

    did you notice any differences in the fit and comfort of the v2 and the phi?
  14. chimney189
    I don’t think that there’s any difference.
  15. up late
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