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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. chimney189
    I did actually find your post.
  2. mulder01
    Bam. You tried harder than me!
    I don't have a set of calipers handy but I quickly measured my ear with a ruler (perhaps not the most accurate tool) and it looks like about 62ish mm high. Can't remember if the pads touched, but if they did, I didn't feel like they were being squashed. There are bigger pads available now too.
  3. chimney189
    I went on the website and I only found the original pads, not the Phi pads. Maybe I didn’t search right?

    Did you sell your pair?
  4. mulder01
    Hmm indeed you are right. I swear I have seen them on there before... If you end up getting a pair and find you need bigger earpads, I'm sure Joe will hook you up.
    I sold mine, but only because I sold all my audio gear. I decided I wanted to go full portable and they were my choice for that, but ended up just quitting the headphone game altogether.
  5. up late
    not altogether :wink:
  6. mulder01
    Yeah I should delete the shortcut to this forum. It's too good at distracting me from what I should be doing. I have some assessments to do... Tab isn't even open...
  7. Maelob
    I asked about the bigger pads and they mentioned that sometime during the year the phi pads will be available.
    chimney189 likes this.
  8. chimney189
    Here's to hoping that the pads don't cost $200. :ksc75smile:
  9. ufospls2
    :frowning2: you still hang out around here! Time for a Diana Phi methinks!
  10. mulder01
    On one hand I really wanna hear it, on the other hand, I kinda don't in case I really love it and wanna buy one :p
    Yeah, still hangin' round, still like audio, just don't have anything at the moment... :frowning2:
  11. Whazzzup
    Got audio, don’t want or need anything, but still.......
  12. exdmd
    Any comparisons between the HD800S and Diana Phi? I built my system around the HD800S but after listening to them for a year I am getting the urge to buy another set of phones. Should the Diana Phi work well off the 32 ohm tap of my Kenzie tube amp? I am looking for a wider and deeper soundstage than the HD800S but don't want to have to deal with the weight of the AB-1266 Phi TC.
  13. Hifiearspeakers
    Wider and deeper than the 800S? I highly doubt the Diana can do that.
  14. mulder01
    I constantly hear people talking about the size of the HD800's soundstage (though I've not really spent much time with them myself), making me assume they are up near the top of the list in that regard. The 1266 might be your only step up from there. Given the TC has just come out I'm sure there are some bargains in the for sale threads...
    There are f-all impressions on the Diana phi...
  15. szymonsays
    From what i remember with my time with the HD800 and HD800S, i'd say the Diana Phi's soundstage is on par with them (not as large as the 1266 Phi CC, but about 95% of the way). What the Diana Phi has and the Sennheisers don't is bass quality and quantity (the bass is definitely elevated in the Diana Phi, but not exceedingly and like another member has posted i think Abyss does bass right). The Diana Phis are also quite revealing and i haven't had any issues with the treble. The Senneheisers were ultimately too analytical and anaemic sounding, which is i why i parted with them. The Diana Phis are super light, and after trying out so many headphones i wanted to buy a pair of headphones that would be as comfortable as the Sennheisers (the Sony MDR-Z1R was pretty close) and i think i have finally found a pair of headphones with the sound signature i like and are also really comfortable.
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