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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. FastAndClean
    they are so pretty to
  2. Maxx134
    More impressions:

    Ok now I am running Diana on a tube amp instead of solid state...
    Woah, noticably holographic large sound ...
    Sounds like a big can.
    Diana loves tubes..

    As of second day, Diana(like a chameleon),,(+_+),,
    Has taken on a very, very similar Soundstage presentation like an HEKV2,
    but with an added feel of "certanty" of the timbre, body, and resolve in the mid-range... ( like to a Utopia but better layered sound)

    Treble is clear, and fatigue free, and well extendid as well..
    Usually for a headphone to not be harsh in trebles, FR will be tailored in the sensitive region, so will be interesting to see how is the FR response.

    Even though this is a $3k headphone,
    This baby will prob make its way to Tyll "WOF" if he keeps to his new standard of a "well rounded" headphones.

    Bass 2nd day is already very satisfying with high resolve.

    Outside Sound leakage is less than most open headphones..

    Nothing lacking and sounding better...

    The Diana is turning out to be a very, very solid choice.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
  3. Beagle
    Or he'll hate it..
  4. LaCuffia
    I remember at CanJam the Diana sounding great with the Cayin tube amp. I think the amp was around $1K. So for $4K you can have a top tier set up. I heard the Utopia too at CanJam and it didn’t reach the level of the Diana. It felt like an assault on the ears while the Diana was much smoother and even.
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  5. mulder01
    Do you prefer it to the phi?

    Yeah flip a coin :wink:
    Absolutely!, this is that headphone that keeps peeking my interest, even though I'm more than happy with what I have now. The very first time I'm nothing but happy. But all I hear and read about the Diana is great news.
  7. Maxx134
    Noo00oo... he will like it!

    I will take Diana over to friends house to compare to Phi...

    That was a very impressive compact tube amp at Cayin room.

    Sound really was stunning, but the truth is, that setup was so good that I am certain the Utopia would also have climbed to greatness on that amp as well.

    Utopia very revealing of setup.
    Pretty sure the Utopia you heard was on a less competent SS setup.

    Regardless, Im still certain (IMHO) that the Diana "is preferable" over the Utopia...

    I hear bass "breath" and focus that I did not even hear on my HEKV2,
    let alone the Utopia wich not even in the same level bass wise.

    The HEKV2 did have a nice weighty deep bottomless pit of bass.

    Diana bass is very different, in which combines Utopia atributes of "presence" and nuance, while including that missing HEKV2 weight.
    So it has this sub-bass "breath" or presence.
    This detailed presence atribute is throughout the whole FR spectrum.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  8. razorz
    My Diana's arrive tomorrow.. can't wait!
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  9. razorz
    Also just realized that was my first post.. lurking for over 3 years lol

    Current headfi gear:
    Sony TA-ZH1ES -> 4.4mm Abyss Diana (had to return the Audeze LCD-MX4's.. just wasn't blown away by them)
    Sony NW-WM1Z -> Norne Therium 8 wire silver 4.4mm -> Audeze LCD-i4
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I don't think he's heard the phi yet. But if Dave's ever in Hogtown, he's more than welcome to swing by and here mine. :)

    I was VERY impressed with the Diana and its likely the best portable pair of headphones I've heard.
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  11. Rayzilla
    I look forward to hearing about your comparison with the Abyss. I wish you would have been able to compare to the original Abyss (non-Phi) version as well.

    Regarding the Cayin amp, was it the iHA6 or their new flagship HA-300?
  12. Maxx134
    It was their two tube amps... HA-300 & HA-1A.

    Although they used different tubes, they both had very impressive power and musicality it was really surprising to me considering how many other amps I heard there these were in another league.
    I thought both amps had end game level sound, so I was quite impressed.

    I didn't hear the solid state stuff as I don't even bother anymore with SS (solid state) when it comes to amps.

    Ok further impreasions on Diana:
    It is not a bright headphone and yet I would not say dark either.
    Signature similar PHI in that trebels are well controlled and not distracting yet not deficient.

    It is not thick or heavy either (like LCD).
    It is super clear and fast.

    The sonic image is large in height and overall size.
    Not large as in "distance" as the sound is not distant.

    So layering is more true or accurate than Headphones that alter perception distance by altering FR with mid-range dips to create distance.

    Because of this, it is very involving.
    It has deep and sonically large sounding mid-range that pulls you in.

    I do not know if any measurements are out yet for this headphone,
    But I tested these, and from my "un-sanctioned" measurements,
    It confirmed my initial impressions of this Headphone being very transparent..

    Yet it went beyond that, having a Rediculously clean CSD.
    Cleaner than any CSD taken of the Phi, or Susvara, or Utopia, or any Headphone I seen (!).
    I may post it when have a chance.
    The only other planar with nearly as clean a CSD I seen was a PMx2(very neutral yet a bit smaller stage than Utopia.
    Diana larger than Utopia).

    The FR also shows some dips at sibilance areas so that tells me just how much control went into the design.
    This really is impressive.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
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  13. razorz
    Picked them up from UPS this morning (weather delay)

    Coming from the Audeze LCD-MX4, these are less clinical but no less detailed. The MX4's had an airyness to them that I did not like, which is why I ultimately returned them. Not to say that the MX4 were bad headphones, they were amazing.. but for $3000 I expect them to be exactly what I want, and they were not. That being said, the Diana, so far.. are what I was looking for.

    They are insanely comfortable and disappear on the head
    Treble is forward but not overbearing (I believe this was said prior)
    Midrange is perfect and "lush" sounding
    Bass is there, but with only a few hours on this pair, need more time to open up for sure

    Mac Pro /w Roon -> Sony TA-ZHE1S -> 4.4 balanced -> Diana

    I think Diana could benefit from a tube amp though, I may look into the WA22 or WA33 if I can swallow the price

    Good job JPS
  14. rfan8312
    They do look insanely comfortable? Is there any clamp pressure or do they just over your head? The materials too make it look like a new level of comfort. Although the Nighthawks are virtually weightless and also disappear.
  15. razorz
    I actually do not even notice the headband. I feel some pressure around my ears, but it's not annoying and the more I wear them the better it is as the pads break in.
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