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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. Music Alchemist
    I am saying anyone's interpretation of such a petty and subjective thing as "percentage improvement" is pointless, including my own, which I provided as an example to illustrate how futile it is.

    It's also worth clarifying the distinction between "percentage of the overall sound" and "percentage difference between two things"... For example, someone could say component B is "25% better" than component A, but clarify that this particular type of non-transducer component only accounts for perhaps 5% of the overall sound.

    Differences in sound quality and sound signature are also highly relevant. What I was referring to was overall sound quality. Obviously, sound signatures can differ drastically.

    Again, your 200% could be my 5% even if we're hearing the same thing. The way I hear it, the last 10% of sound quality is what accounts for the things we audiophiles appreciate. Yes, it's better in an obvious way, but not that much better, really. Most of the sound is already there with some of the better budget headphones. Not everyone has sufficient experience in that area, so it's not surprising that some assume all headphones under $XX suck, which is, in fact, not the case.

    I said "90% as good as any headphone I've heard"; I have not heard them all, and I have only scratched the surface of auxiliary components.

    To be fair, these impressions of mine are primarily based on driving it from the Chord Mojo. With cheaper electronics, it, unsurprisingly, didn't sound as good. So if it makes you feel better, you can increase the price of that 90% as good thing to over $500. (Though I'd still place it around the same number with a sub-$100 DAC/amp.)

    Personally, I ultimately don't care what something costs; I only care about the sound and the experience it gives me. If I'm not satisfied with what I got, I'll move on to something else sooner or later. Since I want to eventually attain the highest fidelity system(s) I can, it's also inevitable that I would move on even when I do greatly enjoy something.

    I did not intend to refute anyone's claims, and I do respect and appreciate others' impressions and opinions. I just wanted to take things back down to Earth, so to speak. It's easy to get excited about things we enjoy and exaggerate how much of a difference there actually is between them.

    I hope I got my point across, because I'm not fogging up the thread further with this topic. Back to Diana!
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
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    Lol, miracle cans. :skull:
  3. Beagle
    It is rather pointless. I was being a bit silly trying to come up with a response to a question I couldn't respond to. You can't really qualify with a % attached to a perceived difference because it is personal and subjective.
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  4. Beagle
    Exactly. Anything is portable if you can lift it and carry it. But in the real world I would not wear these out and about in busy places.
    The only way I wouldn't wear these out and about is if they leak a lot of my music. Otherwise, I wouldn't really mind at all. I used to walk around with my Z!R all the time. Not a soul had a clue about the value on my ears at that point in time. It's just a headphone to me, if anything happened I would just purchase another one.
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  6. Wildcatsare1
    I’ve held off from commenting, but I’d be very hesitant to wear the Diana in public, perhaps they look much better “in person.” The photo layout makes them look like a glitzy toy for the pajama boy crowd, they are quite effeminate.
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    Lol, I want to see them in person. Maybe they don't look that bad.
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  8. up late
    from the abyss website:

    "Diana is all about style, and sound. She's someone you like to have around. Designed for the person who appreciates the finest, Diana brings a classy way to wear the world's finest headphones while traveling, relaxing on the beach, or just plain looking good.

    Diana is form fitting and comfortable. Patent-pending flat speakers create a wall of sound that tickle the ears with details rarely heard in your music. Front row concert seats on demand while on the go or relaxing at home."
    • Designed to wear indoors or out, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall- Diana is one tough chic
    • USA made dual zipper canvas carry case with leather accents and accessory pockets for easy travel
    Diana requires a high quality portable audio player or headphone amplifer for best performance."
  9. Music Alchemist
    His comments were only about how costly it is and how he's not willing to bring such an expensive headphone around in public.
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  10. LaCuffia
  11. Beagle
    Agree. I wouldn't wear them on the bus, subway or walking in a shopping mall or on the sidewalk. I might in a plane or in a hotel.
  12. up late
    yes, but he prefaced it by saying that "nothing $3k is truly portable". it's clear that jps labs doesn't subscribe to that view having designed and marketed a portable $3k headphone.

    if he or anyone else doesn't feel inclined to wear a headphone costing that much money in public then that's their choice but it's apparent to me that the diana is designed with portability in mind.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
  13. Music Alchemist
    True. It's just that people have different ideas of what is portable, what is not, different extents of portability, and so on. For some, nothing bigger than IEMs is portable, and for others, anything you can carry is portable. (The word is derived from transportable, so...) In this case, being expensive makes it so that some people wouldn't want to use it in many/most portable contexts, while others don't mind...so for some, it's portable in a potential sense, but not a practical one.
  14. Beagle
    Who said it wasn't?
  15. up late
    yes, but again, judging by its design and accompanying advertising copy, i think it's apparent that the diana has been designed with portability in mind, regardless of its price. whether folks choose to use it in that way is entirely up to them. both the abyss and the diana are "transportable" but i think that the latter is more "portable".
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
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