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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. mulder01
    The brown used to remind me of a leather couch out of the 80's but it's starting to grow on me. The pads are looking a lot better as well.

    Rayzilla, I don't think this was ever intended to be better than it's big brother, but more of an endeavour to address the complaints people had about the 1266 - price, size, weight, looks... Surely there has to be SOME compromise in sound quality, but how bigger compromise? Well, who knows. But even Joe maintains that if you are going down the road of no compromises, the 1266 is the way to go. Would be a good time to pick one up second hand as everyone is moving to the phi. I am personally considering downsizing my audio gear collection so I have a keen eye on this. The other obvious comparison to make would be with the MX-4, but I am quietly confident this would kick it's butt. (Based on absolutely nothing except for what I've heard in the past and my own personal biases of course :D ).
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  2. soullinker20
    hopefully next week might get to AB Diana and Utopia..

    i've listened extensively on the old 1266 and Utopia. The Focal can hold its own but technically (for me) there is still more the Abyss can give starting with the soundstage and the bass can't be touched. Makes me really curious at Diana:L3000:
  3. soullinker20
    Well at least the MX4 is also very easy to drive and a forgiving HP and never tiring to listen to:o2smile:
  4. mulder01
    I think the 1266 strikes the right balance between easy to listen to and detailed, so I'm hoping this is similar. If you go too laid back, you lose sight of why you're buying high end headphones IMO...

    MX4 is easier to drive, but as long as you have a high powered DAP, you could run either. I am still interested to hear both as my gut has been wrong in the past.
  5. up late
    i was under the impression that the diana is a portable headphone
  6. LaCuffia
    Nothing $3K is truly portable. I can see maybe transporting them on a trip to use at a hotel or something but can’t imagine wearing this on a subway or plane. Not because it’s open so much but that’s a lot of money to have on your head to be out in public.
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  7. mulder01
    yeah, it is, isn't it?...

    wait, did we just agree on something? There must be some kind of mistake...

    There are a few closed headphones and a bunch of IEMs in this price range that really are portable.
    The open factor is what would put me off using them in public because number 1: you're that annoying guy that thinks everyone else wants to listen to his music. Number 2 - If you don't isolate outside noise, you lose the fidelity you've paid a premium to have because it's covered up by external noise.
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  8. Music Alchemist
    This whole percentage thing that audiophiles do is so subjective it's pretty much pointless. I, for example, think the ~$15 Koss KTXPRO1 (a semi-open on-ear with titanium-coated dynamic drivers) is 90% as good as any headphone I've heard, including ones that cost four figures (I've owned/auditioned many; those who are curious can check out the lower sections of my profile), and that any improvements beyond what it can do account for only a small percent of the overall sound. Diminishing returns is a very real phenomenon we have to deal with. For the record, I do think the improvements in sound quality that can be had with ultra-high-end gear can be worth it; I just think they're generally exaggerated in the way they're described.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
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  9. Hifiearspeakers
    Really? I absolutely believe in diminishing returns as well, but whatever that point is, it’s not 15 dollars.
  10. Music Alchemist
    And how long have you owned the headphone in question? :smirk:

    By the way, that one scales quite noticeably from better electronics, particularly Chord. I would personally reach for it more often than the HD 800 and many other high-end headphones.
  11. up late
    sorry to disappoint but i wasn't agreeing with you. :wink: i don't regard the diana as an effort by jps labs to redress criticisms of the abyss as you do. i see it as a new portable headphone from the company. not unlike sennheiser offering the hd800/s and the momentum or audeze offering the lcd4 and the sine for example.
  12. mulder01
    Hmm, if you can be happy with $15 headphones and believe that they're 90% as good as, or better than, everything else on the market, then why are you nearly up to 20,000 posts on a forum about headphones? It's kinda like buying a $10 bottle of vodka and liking it as much as, or more than, alcohol 100 times it's price, but then joining a forum where people go to appreciate fine liquor and talk about it all day every day, even though you don't really care that much or see the value in it.
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  13. Music Alchemist
    You do realize I have owned multiple five figures worth of audio equipment, right?

    I never said anything about it being better, and "be happy with" is a loaded, misleading phrase because it implies that it's my endgame or something, which it is certainly not.

    I'm simply stating my opinion that the differences are not as enormous as people say. They are, generally speaking, subtle improvements.

    The only point I was trying to make was that talking about percentages is a waste of time because everyone is going to have their own opinion on that, much of the time varying wildly. Someone may think something is 200% better and I may think it's just 5% better, for example.
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  14. mulder01
    So you're saying beagle's interpretation is pointless because percentage values are irrelevant. But then gave your own opinion, also expressed as a percentage...

    Even just for you, personally, if you believe that you can get 90% of any system for $15 then why the hell would you bother chasing the last few percent at potentially exponentially enormous cost? If that was me, I'd sell all my gear except for my $15 miracle cans, log out of head fi and never come back. Chuckling at all the audiophools throwing their money down the drain as I go.

    If the Diana takes your system from 90% to say, 93, 94 or 95% (in your opinion), will you make the upgrade for 200x the price?
  15. Wildcatsare1
    Too be clear, regarding the Clear and Tyll’s Review he did say the headphone appears to be an evolutionary design from the Utopia/Elar. That would infer progression, and in his open the better headphone. I don’t have enough time with the Utopia to have formed a meaningful opinion.
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