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Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by music alchemist, Aug 13, 2015.
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  1. Pictograms
    To me the Diana bass is not really elevated, at least compared to the Campfire Cascades which have WAY more bass. I don’t really have any iem anymore so can’t compare.
    Have you tried boosting the bass via EQ? The bass is definitely there when a track is bass heavy.
  2. Pictograms
    I’ve been reading some reviews for the A18T and the pattern I’m seeing is that it has a boosted low end, have you tried eq with Diana to see if that does it for you?
  3. maszynista1987
    Is Rme Adi 2 Pro on balance ok? Enough to power Dian?

    Balanced Phones mode

    As before, but:

    • Output levels at 0 dBFS: Hi-Power off +13 dBu (9.8 V), Hi-Power On +28 dBu (19.5 V)
    • Output impedance: 0.2 Ohm
    • Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) @ +28 dBu: 120 dB RMS unweighted, 123 dBA
    • Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) @ +13 dBu: 118.4 dB RMS unweighted, 122 dBA
    • Output level at 0 dBFS, Hi-Power On, load 150 Ohm or up: +28 dBu (19.5 V)
    • Output level at 0 dBFS, Hi-Power Off, load 8 Ohm or up: +13 dBu (9.8 V)
    • Max power @ 0.001% THD: 2.9 W per channel
    Sorry translator .
  4. Pictograms
    Yep that looks like it has enough
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  5. Nomax
    ....best combos for Diana PHI.....SP1000+AMP MODULE......or the Questyle CMA TWELVE in the Master Version with SP1000 or SP2000

    SP2000 has not enough Power


    PS.best aftermarket Cable for Diana Phi....the Double Duet from Crystal Cable
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  6. CreditingKarma

    I would suggest the Hugo TT2. It powers the AB-1266 TC very well. Plus you can use it with an mscaler.
  7. Nomax
    @CreditingKarma .....look at here...i know also the TT2 very well lol


  8. rumina
    the diana phi has a quite linear bass down to deep bass. most of the totl iem and ciem i had/have have a small bass boost but often strugles with deep bass. in general my expierence is that iem have very often a boosted bass and are not as linear as headphones. it think this comes also due the air volume limitation/air travel lenght with in ears designs (technical limitation). if the iem is conplete closed the pressure that build up generates also a different bass feeling, some like this pressured bass more and prefer iems over headphones.

    nowdays the actual audiopihle taste prefers a bass that is a tad bigger as on the recording and a lot of the new headphones / iems follow this trend.

    i also like a gentle bass boost and so i use a pure copper cable for my diana phi. power wise they benefit from a desktop amp with higher damping factor as most magentplanar headphones. but for this type of headphone its one of the easier to drive / gentle to the source.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  9. maszynista1987
    New pads :)
    IMG_20191126_100258176.jpg IMG_20191126_100456535.jpg IMG_20191128_124932177.jpg
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  10. DeepSouth
    is tt2 the totl option for Diana? I’m looking into totl amps and DACs, and Hugo tt2 and Dave are both on my radar, but Dave seems underpowered for the task. Both have high distortion on headphone amps at 1% (not sure if that’s a problem) and both use headphone jacks I haven’t invested heavily into yet.
  11. CreditingKarma

    I am pretty sure that the TT2 is only at 1%thd when outputting full power. The amp section of TT2 is extremely clean. The Dave is great too bit is not as powerful.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2019
  12. Nomax
    For Diana Phi.....i prefer the Questyle Master Twelve

  13. chimney189
    A few months in with the Diana V2 and I don't see myself selling it unless I plan to upgrade to the Phi, but the Phi's color scheme is a big turn off for me.
    I'm considering upgrading to their TOTL cable. Has anyone tried their SC cable with the Diana V2? Any noticeable improvements?

    By the way, I'm running the Diana V2 out of the Violectric V100 and it has plenty of power.
  14. up late
  15. mulder01
    The original Phi finish is my favorite of the lot.
    I would expect the phi with stock cable to be better than the v2 with SC cable... You must really hate that colour Chimney. What colour do you have at the moment?
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