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Diana Krall Hater's Club

Discussion in 'Music' started by rocker, Feb 15, 2009.
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  1. wink
    The trick is to sit or lay down when she sings...........   [​IMG]
  2. 7keys
    Well....I'm certainly not going to take this laying down.[​IMG] 
  3. immtbiker Moderator
    "Stand up…for your rights" (to listen to Diana Krall) [​IMG] 
  4. Leviticus
    Norah Jones has an incredible voice. I love relaxing while listening to her albums. (Amazing sound quality when using the 24bit files, by the way)
    Diana Krall, on the other hand, is a mystery to me. Her voice is too dark and lacks emotions. But there seem to be plenty of audiophiles around here that dig her music. (I refuse to make a world play with the word dig here...) 
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  5. immtbiker Moderator
    My favorite Norah Jones' song is "Turn Me On'. Both the lyrics and the way she sings it, turns me on.
    Did you guys know that she is Ravi Shankar's daughter? What an interesting upbringing that must have been!
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  6. cj3209

    Ok, interesting to see Krall playing piano like that...I give her more kudos...
  7. dolgen
    I was just listening to Diana Krall, because I wanted to try out a new amp and her recordings are great, and I, as usual, ran into the situation where I couldn't make it through a single song. 
      Her voice is mediocre, her timing is tasteless, she tries to be a sex kitten all the time, most of the time it is totally inappropriate with the lyrics. She's pretty much a "performer" and not a serious musician. 
      And I find her piano improvising quite cliched and unsophisticated harmonically. I can't believe that Oscar Peterson was crazy about her piano playing... not believable. 
      Of course, mine is just one man's opinion. 
  8. cj3209

    I get that she plays with great musicians but I just can't stand her voice; something about her voice just irritates me.  I'll take Norah Jones, Daniela Andrade, Sinead O'Conner, among others that I've been listening to recently...
  9. wink

  10. JazzVinyl

    Funny, I feel the same way about Norah Jones...can't make it through even one song.

    I do have to take "breaks" from Diana Krall - but when I get back to her, can dig it for a time.

    Not so with Norah...I think it's her material too.....boooooooooooring.

  11. jmills8
    I dont hate the person but I do hate everything else about them. Krall, Dion, and many others.
  12. wink
    Some people just don't like good smooth music, or need a high fidelity upgrade of their system.......   perhaps......     [​IMG]
  13. jmills8
    Stealy Dan, true artist. ELP.
  14. demetrij
    her latest album sounds like spoken word rather than singing. She's so overrated
  15. fianbarr
    With so much good music out there, why waste time on stuff that's just not it for you? I listened to Krall once many years ago in my Norah Jones phase (around the time of come away with me). And decided that Krall didn't do it for me. Haven't listened to her since.
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