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Diana Krall Hater's Club

Discussion in 'Music' started by rocker, Feb 15, 2009.
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  1. icebear
    If you don't like a particular music style e.g easy listening jazz and one of the most successful singers/musicians of this style, so what ? Get a life, folks. Enjoy the music that you like and don't give &§$'s behind what you don't like. I would never get the idea to start a xyz haters thread about music or musician I don't like. No one forces me to listen to anything or buy records I don't like. I have seen Dianna Krall live at the Ocean Grove Camp Great Auditorium. There was a severe thunderstorm and power outage and the entire audience was sitting in the dark before the concert started, hot summer and the only AC was the wind blowing into the hall through open doors and windows. She played/sang acoustic for parts and it was a great performance, a unique venue and a absolutely memorable experience. I don't care for her latest record though, just for the record [​IMG].
    If you don't like her style just don't listen to her ... and have I mentioned : Get a  l i f e  [​IMG] and be positive [​IMG] 
    But then ... ok, I might have posted in the wrong thread.
  2. cj3209
    Ok, I'm in the club. When she tries to sound 'sexy' (for lack of a better term) it makes my skin crawl. I can't listen to her. Ella, Linda, Sarah, and Billie are some of my favorites.

    My two cents.

  3. immtbiker Moderator
    Back from the dead...
    That's because she is sexy. Her husband, on the other hand, is the antithesis of the adjective. [​IMG]
  4. cj3209

    I guess it's personal preference.  Take this 1955 classic, 'Cry me a river' sung by Julie London - she made this song famous:
    Now, I'm not that old (yet) and the 50's look is a bit dated but dang, that voice is soothing and smooth...  :)
    Then compare to Krall's version (and don't look at the video - just listen) and that voice doesn't do it for me.  There's something about her voice that's so mundane - plain, almost:
    BUT, it's great that we all have different tastes.
    Happy Memorial Day!
  5. wuwhere Contributor
    I agree about Julie London, great voice and she can sing too.
  6. immtbiker Moderator
    Julie's got game, no doubt. But to say someone is a "hater" of such a talent because her voice is mundane, is a bit strong.
    Not your favorite? OK. A member of her Hater's Club? Nah.
  7. Monahans67
    I can't stand Diana Krall.  In fact I have every one of her albums and don't like any of them.  Guess I better buy the next one to see if I like it!!!!!!!!   LOL  I think she is great and enjoy them all.
  8. grokit
    In regards to Ms. Krall, her music absolutely fails to move me in any way.
    But HATE? This is such a strong word [​IMG]!
  9. wink
    Diana Krall  [​IMG]  says it all      [​IMG]
  10. mellio
    I saw Diana live in a tiny club 15 years ago when her international fame was just beginning. No more than 10 people in the audience. Diana did not play that night, as she had as her guest a monster pianist, who was either Mulgrew Miller or Kirk Lightsey, I cannot remember which. The guy offered her to play several times but she simply refused. He wouldn't have proposed if she sucked. It was a great night and not going to talk to her after the show is something I regret to this day. Now you tell me she's a bad artists when such immense musicians will happily gig with her, not to mention her various touring and recording partners, invariably some of the best in the world - Ben Wolfe, Ch. McBride, Russell Malone, Dan Faenhle... Surely it wasn't all about the money. Diana Krall is great and is largely recognized as such. She has to eat with everybody else. Many jazz artists have made similar choices because the music industry game is so skewed against them, including George Benson who famously said, give me a million bucks and I'll make you the best bebop album you ever heard. And tell me if that doesn't rock

  11. immtbiker Moderator
    George Benson has a newer release on HDTracks called "Guitar Man" and damn if it doesn't prove he is still the talent he always was.
    He's paid the bills and now he can play and record anything he wants to. A good way to age gracefully and go out with a smile on your face.
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    Not bad, here's Ms. Fitzgerald's version
  13. mellio
    Guitar Man has been out for a couple of years now, it's a great album. Benson is an extraordinary talent. There's enough jazz on Guitar Man for George to show he's still on top, but it isn't a pure jazz record - although I don't mind, and I'm sure Benson can live with it too. To be honest I didn't get it for the Norah Jones cover. In interviews he's hinted at how he's not totally at liberty to record what he wants, and he's used crowdfunding for some recent albums of his (not sure if it was the case with Guitar Man). To me it's puzzling that one of the world's best jazz guitarists doesn't have full artistic freedom and has to use crowdfunding. 
  14. immtbiker Moderator
    That's interesting to know. Disappointing, but interesting. [​IMG]
    But it does show that modern day pop artists can live in mansions, but the most talented Jazz musicians live in modest homes on Long Island...
  15. 7keys
    Hey!....Me too........She has a great voice but I can't stand any of her songs.
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