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DHT Addicts

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by rosgr63, Mar 12, 2010.
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  1. rosgr63
    I have never used the EML 300B or EML 300BM, so I can't really say.
    The AVVT AV300BM SL C-37 is what I have used and liked.
  2. Wedge
    Well I can say that I don't like the Shuguang 300Bs (regular not treasure).  I'm still not sure about the EAT 300B yet.  Right now I have them together with the Sylvania 6SN7W Metal Base, and I think the amp lost a little of its warmth, sounds a little more analytical now.
  3. rosgr63
    They are detailed and dynamic but not warm I would say.
    Do you agree Wedge?
    BTW try 6SN7GTB drivers and see what happens.
  4. Wedge
    Yes I would agree with you, I will try another 6SN7 and see how this works.
  5. cjfrbw
    6 moons probably has the best run down of the modern 300b tubes.  Generalization:  European tubes are quick, clear, precise and revealing.  All others tend toward varying degrees of romanticism and mescal dreaminess.
    Most listeners still prefer the original WE300b.  I find that with headphone listening, most 300b's have much better extension and clarity than when used as speaker amplifiers. When used as headphone amps, the modern 300bs defy the stock impression that they have only good midrange with poor extension. 
    The Sveltlana 300b is a good alternative to the traditional WE300b, gorgeous sound, and is what I use currently with my Manley 300b Neo preamp/headphone amp.
    The good news is there is no one description of an absolute 300b sound any more, and a 300b tube can be found to tailor just about any taste, especially when varying input tubes and circuit designs.
  6. Gazza


    Hey, you have a Manley 300B pre as well! Got a link to the 300B you suggest?
  7. kiertijai
    Anyone here has the experience on the new Royal Princess Sophia 300b, how is it  comparing to the WE300B or other 300B?
  8. cjfrbw

    Hi, Gazza,
    The Svetlana tubes come up regularly on ebay and audiogon. Some dates of manufacture in the 90's had a reputation for early filament failure.  However, in the Manley 300b preamp, the stress on the tubes is quite conservative, so I haven't had problems so far.  Types of tubes tried so far: JJ, Sophia mesh, Shuguang Black Treasure, and Electroharmonix Gold.
    The JJ's are a bargain and incredibly lucid/revealing, but less romantic. By far, the Svet's have been my overwhelming favorites so far, they send me into headphone dream land pretty quickly. The Shuguang Black Treasures are a good second, a nice combination of precision and extension with a touch of the traditional lysergic qualities of 300b.
    I have not yet tried any of the WE300b's in my own equipment, but have heard them elsewhere, and the Svet's sound similar.
  9. sillysally


    Send me a pair and I will compare them with my matched pair of original nos WE300B's (56/26).
    I haven't found any 300B's that can compare with my set of original WE300B.
  10. Blackmore
    After I tried Just Princess, I dont want to meet the Royals, especially at that price range, plus their sale stategy inst my liking, but thats another story. I mean, if you want to fill the market with even more sh.t in the future, why calling Royals and not like Upgraded Princess or Princess II first, give me a break... 

  11. rosgr63
    Come on Blackmore tell me how are the new babies?
    The suspense is killing me!
  12. kiertijai
    Send me a pair and I will compare them with my matched pair of original nos WE300B's (56/26).
    I haven't found any 300B's that can compare with my set of original WE300B 
    I have  purchased the Royal Princess Sophia (with the order from Craig) and it costed me only 750$ for a pair ( the price now
    is 1200$).  It is supposed to arrive  Craig by next week to try it with my new BA.  He will use it with
    the Tungsol BGRP with the new BA, hope we can get the impression soon.  Also hope that we can get the comparison with
    the Western Electric 300B : engraved, reissue soon
  13. Gazza

    Cool, thanks for the response.
  14. sillysally
    Western Electric 300B : engraved, reissue soon.
    That's to bad you have to use the reissue, not the same as the original.

    Seems like when the WE300B is compared to other 300B's, the reissue is always used.
  15. Wedge
    Well I think the reissue is used a lot because its pretty darned hard to find WE300B originals, you are a fortunate one sillysally and I am rather jealous.  [​IMG]  I stopped looking now because I hit walls everywhere and I really can't afford the prices that trustworthy sellers are asking.  
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