DHC Prion 4 XLR ABYSS + DHC Flagella adapter for speaker amping

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  1. Beolab
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    Opportunity! SOLD !!

    Selling the worlds best headphone cables? DHC Prion 4 Masterpiece Top Tier headphone cable for JPS Labs Abyss / Abyss Phi in Charcoal Grey nearly unused / un touched including org envelope all extras.

    The purest 5N multistranded double helix configuration Silver conductors 14 AWG .

    I waited 7 month for these cables to be hand made from Peter at DHC Cables ( Double Helix Cables )


    8 .ft Feet length ( 245 cm ) , Rhodium 4 Pin XLR - 2x 3pin Mini XLR made for Abyss
    This cable costs: $2809.00 alone


    Incl. Prion 4 short adapter 4 pin XLR - 6,3 mm 1/4 inch Phono plug in Charcoal Grey . This extra adapter costs $500.00 alone

    Sub. total new:
    $3,309.00 ex. customs VAT

    My price:
    €2000.00 incl adapter ex. shipping cost



    Another option to add: Still Left !

    DHC Flagella Reference OCC Litz

    Custom made 3,5 ft,
    4x Banana Furutech rhodium spades - 4 pin XLR female adapter cable made for connect your headphones to a speaker amp .

    New price: $2,099.99 ex. customs VAT

    My price: €1350,00 ex shipping cost


    PM for more info!

    I can send the cables around the world

    / Fredrik
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  2. thunder 99
    Sorry is the length 7.5feet? Thats not available on the website. Typo somewhere? Wouldve jumped onto this if thisbw as 10foot cable
  3. Beolab

    It is 8 ft + in length!
    ( 245 cm )
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
  4. draytonklammer
    Would you sell it without the adapter?
  5. Beolab
    I got a customer that will buy the Prion 4 incl the adapter , but the Flagella speaker amp adapter will still be left.
  6. pippen99
    If that sale falls through I would be interested in the Prion4 adapter. Perhaps the three of us(Draytonklammer) can make a deal.
  7. Beolab
    Yes, i will consider that and contact you guys if that happens, no problem! Got 27 PM's about the Prion 4 + Adapter, very highly regarded and most popular cable i have ever listed ! =) .

    If you know someone that is interested in the the Flagella speaker amp cable adapter let them know that is up for sale, would be great.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017

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