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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by axefjord, Apr 22, 2008.
  1. axefjord
    I bought a pair of Maylarone xBi from dfkt. Excellent communication, very friendly. Recommended!
  2. areta
    I bought a pair of Atrio from dfkt. The communication was perfect, fast delivery and very friendly. Recommended!
  3. argent81
    i bought a pair of headphones yuin g1 and an amplifier minibox-e+ from dfkt. all ok , shipping very fast , good comunication.
  4. luukie
    I bought a pair of Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 v2 of dfkt a long wile back. I completely forgot this forum after that, so sorry!!

    But the transaction was very smooth, emails were replied to promptly, and shipping was fast as well.

    Would absolutely recommend dtfk.
  5. leolo
    I purchased a pair of Yuin Ok1s from dfkt. Transaction went very smooth and I received the headphones quickly in great packaging and in excellent condition. Highly recommended seller!
  6. bestnaru
    Bought GoVibe Derringer from dfkt. Everything is excellent. Paid on Sunday and received on Friday across the Atlantic. Smooth and nice transaction.[​IMG]
  7. StevieDvd
    I bought a Woo Audio 6 from dfkt (Martin) which arrived well packed and in as new condition so he looks after his gear well. He also kept in contact throughout the transaction so I'd not hesitate to buy from him again if my wallet allows.
    Thanks for the smooth transaction Martin.
  8. phill451
    I bought a W1 Headphone amp from Martin I am happy with the amp, the price and the service.  Thankyou and happy listening.
  9. wdugarry
    I bought a pair of HD650's from Martin, which were in excellent condition.He did a great job with the packaging too and was always responding fast to my questions.He was also really helpful with a small problem that I had regarding the delivery of the phones.Great guy to deal with!
  10. Carlosfandango
    A real credit to headfi and no great surprise that this transaction was faultless.
  11. Bennyboy71
    Martin's the best.  He's just sold me his RE-252s and despite Paypal being total pains in the derriere with transfering the money, he was a paragon of patience.
    Smooth, easygoing, faultless from start to finish.  But hey, enough about me.....
    A recommended seller. Martin does the business. Twenty eight gold stars.

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