Devialet Gold Phantom speaker

  1. Music Alchemist
    Has anyone heard the Devialet Gold Phantom speaker?

    I don't know a whole lot about it, but it seems very interesting. It's a little under $3,000. I'm wondering how it compares to other speaker systems, as well as headphones.
  2. zachchen1996
    I know I want it! xD
  3. LayLay
    Depends on whether you're interested in serious audio equipment or jewelry.
  4. Music Alchemist
    Devialet have apparently won more awards than any other speaker manufacturer, and some feel that their speakers compete with ones in the five figure range. You shouldn't judge something just from what it looks like.
  5. zachchen1996
    What's the point of the arguing here?
    Whether it's overpriced or not you can't really say until you've heard it yourself.
    And even then, value proposition is different for everyone.
  6. Music Alchemist
    Exactly. I only decide how I feel about the sound of something after I have heard it. And even then, my opinion may change over time.
    I prefer headphones over speakers, so this speaker is only a curiosity for me. After reading up on it, it seems like something I might like, as an addition to much more expensive headphone systems, and something that doesn't need external amplification and can supposedly be used in all sorts of rooms.
  7. vrln
    I´ve auditioned the Silver Phantoms and found them to be fantastic value for money compared stereo setups in the same price range. I´d take the Phantoms anytime over most conventional 5-6k euro stereo setups. That being said, in my experience they are not better (clearly worse) than a ~3k speakers powered by their expert range amplifiers (different price range too though).
    The bass performance in the Phantoms is very impressive, but the midrange/highs lacks the refinement you get with high end soft dome or ribbon speakers. Apparently the Gold Phantoms are trying to rectify this issue with a new titanium tweeter and retuned midrange driver.
  8. Somnambulist
    As speakers they are great (I have spent time with the Phantom and Silver Phantom), however the experience is consistently marred the software side of things; to me it was like the experience of buying DAPs a few years back on here where they'd sound great but the UI made me want to put my head through a wall. 
    For cutting edge speakers I'd rather keep on saving and get the somewhat more expensive but definitely superior Kii Three's, which are sort of coming from the same angle but don't force you to use the atrocity which is Devialet's Spark software.
  9. *645-k701
    I bought the gold phantom a few weeks ago and i have to now fork out another 2.6k so i stereo myself...
    oh yes very fine indeed. bit annoying having to buy the D I A L O G for an extra 300 euro to pair these but it MUST be done........ owner of akg k100, grado rs1,akg k812 *fav*... he.400i ****e... not so used to speakers.. had a few over the years ... shame these are not fully portable... some battery system for a limited time would have been too sweet of a deal...

    yeah... gonna fork out another 2900 euro for another one and the pairing unit . DIALOG...

    & before you go pear shaped *Music Alchemist* i also play pokemon since my birthday this year..

    lvl 37 .... 05.04.78.. mental age of a 15 year old.
    sane enough though.
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  10. agrosash
    LOL. This is the funniest reply to a thread I've read in a while, good job, @*645-k701 :)
    I've ordered a normal Phantom (Elevate) from them directly and am very much looking forward to replacing my Libratone Live with it for the living room. Have you tried Airplay with your Golds? On another forum there was some chatter about hissing when using Airplay which worries me. As you are running the Dialog you're probably not affected, it seems to be an issue only when you Airplay directly to them..

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