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  1. supernerd321
    I met Paul when trying to get help arranging a piece for orchestra online- he sold me his Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, which are great phones for recording/mixing. Great transaction, great guy, very helpful, communication was superb (I kept emailing him and he always told me what I needed). I normally don't use headfi, since I'm more of a music guy then equipment, but maybe if I start falling into the hobby, Paul and Headfi will be right here to help!
  2. OpticElement
    Paul is a cool guy, I bought his AD700s. He shipped them promptly and well packed. He also keeps the flow of communication going, as I didn't have to wait long for any question to be answered. He was patient when due Canada Post/USPS damaging the package of the 'phones, I tried them out to make sure there was no damage. I highly recommend Paul as a person to deal with here at Head-Fi!
  3. CB1990
    Paul was a pleasure to deal with and extremely polite. His payment was fast. The online community needs more buyers like him, sincere, reliable and simply wonderful. Glad to deal with him! Hope he is enjoying the Shure Se-530 as much as i did!


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