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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. F700
    I am in "Slow roll-off". Always been, also with others DAP that allowed filters setting. Don't know why actually, because differences are more than subtle for me... I wouldn't be able to tell a difference I think.

    High gain with E5000 is the way to go :)
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  2. celticprince
    I am all for high gain :wink:
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  3. F700
    The Fibae Black, 1 single BA (tuned by Custom Arts), let me go to approx. 45% on high gain... The E5000 opens up from 15% and asks for rest at 45%
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  4. F700
    Ok guys, FW 3.2 came this morning.

    Guess what? Perfect gapless playback is implemented... Bravo Anson, you made it!!! You brought the DTR1 to the next level.
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  5. PoetOfTheKill

    Where? I'm on the site I see firmware download and I see only 3.1 at the top
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  6. F700
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  7. golov17
  8. celticprince
    Thanks to you both for the posting the firmware links :)
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  9. celticprince
    I agree on the high gain levels with the E5000; they really do open up, sound fantastically powerful but with good detail too :)
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  10. dogtagkz
    Thank you for the firmware links peeps.
  11. qafro
    How does Prelude DTR1 compare to TERA player in sound quality ?
  12. F700
    I don't know anyone who still owns both to compare. But at TERA's price, even if it might sound better than DTR1, you are getting absolute zero features excepting WAV only playback. I don't think I could live with it anyway, it is too hardcore ahahaha
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  13. Raketen
    Screenless DAPs can be interesting. I really liked using Shozy Alien with small memory cards (battery RIP). Used to spend so much time just shuffling w/ a massive library, Alien helped get me back in the habit of listening to full albums and thinking about the music I would put together for it, then changing whenever that got stale. Though not sure that is worth TERA's price :no_good:
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  14. dogtagkz
    I still have my walnut v2s and I now use it as my sleeping dap. great way to not distract myself from falling asleep due to screen lights and playlist browsing. i just joined all the tracks that I want into one single file. easy peasy.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  15. daorenmi
    Yeah! Better SQ at least is balance and nature, then is bright or warm, details and black background .....As a source, or we say DAP, DTR1 is great! the amazing power and a little warm, the sound is so nature. and the little box could combine with most of the IEMS and full size earphone. DEATH-RAY did a great job!
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