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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. anyone007
    I see. I'm using Magaosi K5, partnered with iBasso DX120. I don't use any other gears, just those 2, almost for a year now and I use it everyday. So I can say that I somewhat memorized its sound signature. So when I switched to DTR1, I find it smoother sounding compared to dx120. It made the dx120 sound aggressive with more sparkle. Maybe I got used to the sound and my brain is still adjusting to the sound of DTR1? lol

    PS: will upgrade to S8f in the future, hoping to get some feedback from you since I know you own both the dtr and s8f. :)
  2. musicday
    Mine is coming Monday. Extremely fast delivery from Penon Audio as always.
    ***** star service .
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
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  3. noplsestar
    I am looking forward to reading your impressions!
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  4. F700
    On on
    I heard of your items through reviews, I never heard them myself. K5 comes as a treble friendly set and the DX120 as quite neutral as well, with good musicality. I might be wrong, please correct me if I am mistaken. Switching from a setup to another needs acclimatation. I have 3 portable set-ups at home or in the office, so I regulartly need 30 minutes to a hour in order to get my ears/brain right. The DTR1 technically is the most capable I own, but not the most "musical". My new Calyx M does better, but sacrifies a hint of clarity and speed. I love them both. Wait before investing in the S8F. It is an amazing set for sure. Nevertheless, depending on your taste, a hybrid or single DD (at lesser cost) could do the trick. Actually, I am quite fond of the DTR1/Final E5000 combo.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  5. anyone007
    I see. So I guess I really need to take some time to let my brain adjust with its sound combination. Cuz honestly, the first time I heard it, it sounds "okay", similar to DX120 at most, however, the gap rises if I take my time listening to it. Definitely a different experience when I tried the QP1r, which sounds so natural coming from DX120, it blew away right off the bat without even adjusting. lol
  6. F700
    Then you maybe better invest into the QP1R and sell your DTR1. Don't force yourself too much to like the DTR1 more than the DX120. There are DAPs and IEMs for everyone out there. Trying, buying, selling, loving and hating stuff is part of the hobby.
    On the other side, I have learned something over the years: I rarely kept items which impressed me at first place. The DTR1 knocked me down pretty quick. Now that I have it since a few weeks, I surprise myself loving it more and more and not the other way around. Enjoy your audio journey! It is a nice one... :)
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  7. gazzington
    Very good reply. Everybody likes different stuff and that's good. I've bought and sold loads of stuff just to hear different things. Like you say some I really liked, some not so much. Same with headphones and earphones.
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  8. F700
    Most of my cash went into full sized headphones, desktop amps and dacs. At the end, I sold everything, keeping 2 amps, 1 turntable, 2 cd-players, 1 dac and 2 headphones. But I am more and more listening to my portable rigs...
  9. musicday
    If you could come to CanJam London I would let you listen to my brand new Stealth Tera-Player.
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  10. F700
    This is a very nice proposition of yours. Thank you. I am flatted. Unfortunately, I am spending a month in Denmark with wife and kids at that time. Next time maybe.
    Question: Are the Tera Players still only supporting WAV format?
  11. musicday
    Yes, the Tera-Player supports only WAV since 2011 when it was first released.
  12. F700
    WAV only and no screen make the Tera-Player the ultimate hardcore portable player available. One of the most expensive too. Soundwise, a lot of afficionados reported not being able coming back to something else. Considering price and limitations in terms of format and navigation of the Tera-Player, it would be nice to get a DTR1 vs. Tera Player comparison.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  13. anyone007
    Yeah, but I like small sized daps, like the 120 and dtr1, just need to adjust. lol
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  14. audionewbi
    Don't let your wife and kids read that.... :D
  15. F700
    They cannot read english, I am safe... For the time being.
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