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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. F700
    Oh you know, nothing surprises me nowadays... You could find a buyer
  2. john1711
    I am sure that I could get a custom case made by Hermes for far less than that. :thinking:
  3. Palash
    My Dethonray DTR1, its just awsome.

    DSC_0170 (2).JPG
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  4. Mimouille
    Stop insulting me, Mimouille is much higher end than Hermes.
  5. lithrai
    Hmm... interesting, how much do you think I could ask for pouch with Dethonray logo on it?
  6. kenz
    45048542-CF66-43DB-BC19-4CA464E781DA.jpeg E78AED5E-00BD-4FC6-BBE0-D3679DDBE4A9.jpeg Joining in the fun. The Prelude is one beast of a player.
    And really, if you’ve heard players like A&K SP1000, 240, Sony WM1z, IBasso DX200, the Prelude carries that same “high level refinement” in its music presentation and characteristics.
    The power behind this player drives the bass, mids and highs with absolute authority. Nothing sounds loose or flabby (unless with poor recording and Low grade monitors).
    The staging is greater on the depth and height over width, though with some recordings the width of stage is respectable.
    All these with its own unique sound which differs from the other top line players.
    For USD530 (thereabouts), it’s perhaps the only player of its kind to deliver sound quality of what we hear today in the USD 4-digits pricing players. (Disclaimer: am sure there are those who would disagree, but this is entirely based on my ears and opinion)
    It only does 3.5mm single ended but with this level of quality, I’m not missing my 4.4mm Balanced.
  7. cocolinho
    DTR1 is probably good but the Zen lite are the worst earbuds I've ever had! :smile:
  8. kenz
    That’s rough.

    For me, the Zen Lite does require adequate power to drive it well and even more to make it sing. Which fortunately the Prelude has lots of it to deliver.

    Then again, I understand the Zen Lite is not for everyone.
  9. cocolinho
    yeah you're right. sorry but I really disliked them, too veiled. Not surprised they were sent as a gift together with a VE amp.
    Back to the topic :)
  10. noplsestar
    What‘s the name of that sexy amp?
  11. Palash
    Topping NX3S.
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  12. F700
    Welcome to the DTR1's owners club :)
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
    Palash likes this.
  13. DatDudeNic
    I had the r6 it was never that good, peeformance was subpar the heatinf issues is just awful but on the brightside if you have wrinkly clothes you can easily unwrinkle it :wink:
  14. F700
    I received the Calyx M this morning, already assembled with the X-Batt (external battery). The whole thing weighs more than 400gr. Compared to the DTR1 the Calyx M is a monster. The build quality is just stunning. It is a work of art. Pictures on the Internet don't give justice to this DAP. As the DTR1, it only has a 3.5mm headphone output, but it is largely sufficient, I don't miss my 4.4mm connection here.
    Soundwise, the Calyx M is warmer sounding than the DTR1. It really is an "analogue" sounding device, with plenty of details though. It is a very good match for my Fearless S8F and Final E5000 if I crave for extra warmth and sound cosyness. Nevertheless, the DTR1 is a slightly more accomplished DAP in terms of sound. More clarity, better resolution and more depth. The DTR1 goes that little extra mile and delivers brutal sound performance. Both Calyx M and DTR1 outclass my Cowon Plenue M2 (by a short margin w/Calyx M) and my ZX300 (by a substantial margin).
    The user experience on the Calyx M is more satisfying, even with the slight laggy interface. I love these 2 exotic DAPs.
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
  15. anyone007
    I just received my DTR1. No wonder this DAP is highly recommended, everything is about SQ and power. This is really good.
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