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Dethonray Dtr1 Prelude high resolution player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jaykay1967, Jan 25, 2019.
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  1. IryxBRO
    Nope. It can't do that. It can only transfer files and charge over its DATA port
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  2. F700
    Ok, I pulled the trigger via Penon Audio based on the impressions read on this thread. I don't need any Wi-Fi or Android or App or BT, just music played back as good as it gets. I will report my own impression on this thread a few days upon receival.
  3. F700
    Answer from Penon about the version I'll get:

    "Thanks for your order , I confirmed that this DAP is newest version , the SNR is 117DB"
  4. Khursevich
    Is the case for DAP included? Where can I buy it?
    Which player will compare the sound of DTR1?
    I'm really looking forward to a detailed review of DTR1
  5. HiFlight
    No case is included. The one pictured earlier in the thread is, I was told, a prototype. It can be ordered from Penon Audio.
  6. anyone007
    Thanks for the assurance guys. Anyway, I pulled the trigger. Hopefully it will exceed my expectations since this will be a blind buy. Pretty much my standard is around DX120's level, will be replacing it with the DTR1. Looking forward whether it is a real upgrade sq-wise. lol
  7. CactusPete23
    Thanks for the great Review. What does the power supply look like? Any chance to post photo next to the player.
    - Wish this could be charged with a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) cable/charger. Those are becoming more universal and can supply up to at least 22.5 volts.
    - Does the charger provide 2 different voltages for 2 different voltage batteries? (Only reason I can think that a special connector would be needed for power...)
    * Having to carry an extra power supply; and maybe not being able to replace it easily is not a Plus for me...

    Also I can't tell if @IryxBRO likes the sound or not from his review/comments. He thinks treble is increased? And reports "more hiss". Not sure if that is hiss with sensitive iems. Or if it's sibilance ? or Both
    - Has anyone used low impedance/high efficiency iems like Andromeda on this DTR1 ? How is the background hiss? Do you hear more sibilance with the DTR1 vs other DAPs?

    Like the concept of this player, but there are not a lot of reviews around yet.
  8. IryxBRO
    Look at the pic of wall charger.


    Can't tell anything about Andromeda but my beloved Oxygen show very small extra sibilances with DTR1 compared to R6Pro. Not annoying at all, escpecially if to consider such an increase in overall clarity and detalization.

    I LOVE the sound for its different perspective and fresh experience... I would share my review today (perhaps)
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  9. CactusPete23
    Thanks for the quick reply! Charger does not look so big... So nice and portable. Unsure what the "+8.4v 600ma, -8.4v 300ma" actually means... Really think a USB-C PD charger would have been more universal/better.
    But I could easily be missing some key feature the supplied charger brings. Guess One would have to buy a 2nd charger as a spare; since it is so different that any other? Probably too late for manufacturer to consider changing/updating this...

    Anyway, good to hear you are enjoying the sound and clarity. That is the main reason we buy DAPs !
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  10. IryxBRO
    Finally, the review has been finalized and added:

    My blog: LINK
    HeadFi: LINK

    dsc1440.jpg dsc1443.jpg dsc1450.jpg
  11. F700
    Thank you for that. Mine arrived yesterday, cannot wait to test myself.
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  12. CactusPete23
    Nice Review !

    Hey, just checking... I see that you show the s/n spec as 105db SNR ... Penon and Others here say that the "newest" version has a 117db SNR.
    Do you know which one your player has? The 105 or recently ungraded 117db. (Not that I am sure if it affects the overall sound in any other way or not...)
  13. IryxBRO
    Not sure which version exactly I have. Not really bothered about that much since I like the sound...
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  14. F700
    First tracks played tonight. Ok, let's say it... It is an amazing sounding DAP. Powerful, clear sounding, but not cold in my opinion. It has a very faint touch of warmth actually, which makes the DTR1 (or Prelude) very interesting. Lots of details, great separation but not sterile sounding. I am impressed. Only complain so far: a small imperfection on my screen (see 1st picture below). And we need a case!! This is a fingerprint magnet, especially the back side. Soundwise, it outclasses my Sony ZX300 by quite a margin. The old Cowon Plenue M2 is a better competitor with the great Burr Brown PCM1793 and the Jet Effect EQ, but the Prelude goes the extra mile and will be my DAP at home. No way I am taking this baby outside without a case.

    IEMs are Fearless S8F (8BA) and Final E5000 (single DD). The Fearless is very efficient, hisses just a hint and delivers terrifying amount of details. The E5000 needs high gain, 50% volume to really shine. The E5000 is technically less capable than the S8F, but combined to the DTR1, it is a machine gun throwing analog sounding honey into your ears. I am floored. For USD 1K (OC Studio cable and 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter incl.) you get an outstanding portable system.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  15. F700
    Based on my first 4 hours listening session tonight, I think that your review is spot on. You said everything, going to the point, without blablabla, congrats. It is quite an experience this DAP... Honeymoon time on my side, so I will wait a few days before coming back with a more "objective" feedback.
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