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Detachable IEM's Suggestions Under $150 USD?

  1. hale93
    Hi, newbie here, first time posting wanted to purchase an upgrade from those M6 pro.  I love those IEM's, but I wanted an upgrade and try some new types.  Any recommendations for IEM's, I have big canals too haha, and the max I want to spend is $150 US?  I like those IEM's with detachable cords because I sleep with them on and I love the noise isolation, I have wrecked a lot of earbuds with the cords breaking all the time, so that is why I like the detachable cord.  I read a lot on the forums and I don't have an amp, I use them for my computer and phones mostly, what do you guys use your headphones and earbuds on, like what devices?  So I hope you can answer and hope you guys have enough info on what you can recommend thanks for any advice in the future.
  2. hale93
    Any one has any recommendations? Not too much IEM's with detachable cords, looking at Audio-Technicas ATH-IM02, What you guys think?  One other question, what tips do you guys suggest?  I got comply but they break all the time fast, did anyone try Monster supertips gel or foam, was looking at those.  Any other types let me know thanks.
  3. serman005
    You should look into the Shure SE215. It's a good IEM that is within budget and has detachable cables. I use my IEMs with an ipod, computers, and phone. I use Comply tips. I just buy two packs at a time so I don't run out.
  4. ColdWolfSong
    Yeah, the Shure se215 are a good IEM. Incredibly tough. Warm and a bit bassy, but good all around. The Audio Technica ATH IM70 is similar in sound. The IM02 is a more analytical sound, as it uses BA's instead of Dynamic drivers.

    The shure cables will not break on you. Even if they weren't detachable I'd still recommend them because the things are indestructible. As far as sound goes, the Shure are more balanced with some bass, and the IM70 are similar with more bass. Get the IM02 only if you like having treble and a lot of detail. But be warned, I've heard the IM02 are very sensitive about their source. So if you plug them into your phone, they might not sound that good.
  5. hale93
    Thanks for the suggestions guys will look into those, I was looking at the IM02's, you got the links for the reviews for them would really like read up about them.  Plus I seen Joker saying some good things about them, but now the IM70's looking better, yeah I only use on my computer and phones so I am torn.  Any suggestions other than comply tips, pricey for going through like a box every 3 months, I like the silicone bi flange but hard to find the size to fit the MEE Audio M6 Pro.  Thanks again for the quick reply and I like that you give better knowledge on different types.
  6. ColdWolfSong
    If you search for any of those models on Amazon you'll find them
  7. tomekk
    Maybe Westone 10, if you want something professional? They have a good Sonion driver, and if you like a bit of breathing in high tones, you can replace green filter on white one. They are also susceptible to additional eq. Try them in any shop. [​IMG]
  8. hale93
    Ok thanks Tomekk, will check that out too that sounds good any type of tips you like to use? I ordered the monster foam supertips gonna try them out I heard they are pretty good.  Thanks guys keep it coming I like all your suggestions, wanna try them all, but its all about funds haha.
  9. Slashfury99

    As someone who uses the IM02 with an iPhone 7, I can safely say the sound is as great as it can be. I have tried it with the AK240, and the sound felt a little off, the vocals sounded a little artificial and the trebles slightly harsh.

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