Desktop amp dac suggestion
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New Head-Fier
Dec 28, 2016
First post long time follower of these forums.
I'm a guy who loves to listen to music leaning towards the audiophile side of things. I'm not an expert by any means but I just can't stand very poor quality.
RIght now I have a creative sound blaster z as sound card (how I do regret it), and my cans are the sennehiser hd 598 (and I love them)
My equipment also includes a Fiio A3 portable amp.
Like I mentioned before i'm getting tired of the sbz. It's not that bad per se, but I just don't like too much the settings and the headphone amp and worst of all i'm a developer who has to work in linux, and that card is just impossible to be used on linux.
So I Started to look for a replacement, but in my price range (aroud 150€ / $) i'm a bit lost. I just seem to find some things that are too pricey or not good enough.
TL:DR i'd like some suggestions in the 150$ range:
1) upgrade to the sbz in terms of amp (and possibily DAC)
2) full compatibility with linux
3) preferibly with a line out and at least and additional line in other than the usb connection to the computer.
thank you very much! 

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