Designing a microspeaker

  1. ThePCWizard

    for the past year i've been designing some microspeakers on and off in the Onshape CAD software. And now I'm interested in building said design.

    Screenshot 2017-05-08 at 12.54.17 PM.png

    I know it's best to use a single magnet, however getting one custom made is costly, and just one magnet would cost me around $70 so I'm going to go the cheap route (as this is mostly a personal experiment) and will be opting for 20 individual neodymium magnets with a diameter of 7mm and a thickness of 2mm. But I digress.

    I have been considering using aluminum foil, with a cling wrap backside as my diaphragm, but I'd like your input on the matter, what diaphragm material would be ideal for a project such as this?
  2. CoffeeCutie
    I wonder how this project is going? I used (electrostatic) film, 6 micron, (which can be bought on ebay by the roll from one particular seller) to re-diaphragm a small dynamic driver. This being said, it sounded terrible. :triportsad: :ksc75smile:

    I am investigating the feasibility of a few dynamic diaphragm processes: "press+heat molding" material into the correct shape, injection mold, and 3d printing ninjaflex/TPU material as thin as possible. Using dual extrusion + dissolvable support could be a cool way to keep TPU layers thin. :)

    Note, because of the issues manufacturing accurate diaphragm without mass production tools in the traditional ways, there seems to be more leeway in designing + building an electrostatic driver. A bit less leeway in a planar. then [much] less in creating a dynamic.... But that just means more people need to try! :thumbsup:

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