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Desiding what in ears to buy, today! help!

  1. daviscup1980
    Ok, so today i get a 24 hours deal for the following in ears:
    Nuforce ne-700x (dollars)
    Nuforce ne-700x new & improved ( dont know if thats also the case with ne-700x) (80 dollars)
    Philips Fidelio s1 (70 dollars)
    Monster gratitude ( 70 dollars)
    I look for an upgrade of my Dunu Tridents, i like a punchy but tight bass, and a slightly warm mid and treble, but not to warm.
    Which should i consider the best, soundquality? pricewise?
  2. TekeRugburn
    All those prices seem normal or slightly expensive.
  3. daviscup1980
    I know the prices on amazone are cheaper, but these ar in ears that i can buy directly in a shop from Holland, so nos shipping costs, and very fast delivery :)
    I really hope someones can help me today with choosing the best, other in ears are also very welcom in this price range, but need to have the sound signature that i describe :)
  4. TekeRugburn
    id go for the gratitude or s1
  5. daviscup1980
    Thank you for the reply!
    Could you please tell me why you would go for one of these instead of the nuforce's??
  6. daviscup1980
    Come on guys!! please help me :)
  7. barleyguy
    You might try posting in the "Help and Recommendations" forum.  Recommendation threads in other sections of the site generally don't get a lot of attention.
    My favorite IEMs under $100 are the HifiMan RE-400 BTW.
    Also, take a look at Joker's massive IEM thread.  It's got 300 IEM reviews sorted by price.
  8. daviscup1980
    From what i heard the the re-400 doesnt have a lot of bass power :frowning2:
  9. barleyguy

    Yes.  It's got great bass extension, but it's neutral as far as quantity.  It's actually slightly above neutral compared to the HifiMan RE-0 or Etymotics, but still definitely not a basshead 'phone.
    I don't own any basshead IEMs, so I recommend reading the IEM thread or posting in the recommendations forum...

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