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Denver Only - Subwoofer Cabinet and Driver $25 NOW $15

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  1. bixby
    For Sale
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    Denver Head-fiers Only -Pickup in Longmont- sorry no shipping unless you pay. Price Reduced to $15

    I have a Subwoofer cabinet and 7 inch driver (not tested) from the German speaker company Canton. The plate amp died so you will need to grab one off Parts Express or some other site. For about $100 you will have a nice sub for your desktop or home theater setup.

    Cabinet is sliver in color and made from what looks like 1/2 inch mdf with a big front facing port and separate chambers. Includes nice spike feet

    Pics added
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
  2. bixby
    IMG_6688.JPG IMG_6689.JPG IMG_6690.JPG IMG_6687.JPG IMG_6686.JPG IMG_6685.JPG

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