Denon DVD Player direct to Headphone Amp
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Dec 22, 2003
I have a Denon DVD player (model 1920) and a Perreaux SXH1 headphone amp.  I've moved around a bit and haven't used the amp in a few years.  Last night I went from analog RCA outs on the Denon to the analog RCA inputs on the SXH1; could barely hear anything.  Connected a DAC to my laptop and went RCA outs to the SXH1, same result.  As it has been a few years since using the amp with the DVD player, I assume something is wrong with the amp.  However, before I hook up another headphone amp, I want to verify that I should be able to go directly from the Denon DVD player via RCA interconnects into a headphone amp that has RCA inputs without any problems.  I believe that is how I used to hook up the SXH1 to the Denon, but as it has been a few years I don't want to somehow blow another amp if I'm mistaken.

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