Denon DRA-565Rd
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Mar 6, 2006
Hi all.

I'm moving exclusively to a headphone system and will no longer be needing this amp/receiver. It was purchased new by me in 1994. It has performed flawlessly during that time, powering large speakers with ease. Its primary role has been as amplifier; if you want it for radio, a good antenna is probably a must.

For folks here at Head-Fi, I imagine its best use would be as an amp for a secondary or tertiary home system featuring smaller monitor speakers.
It did do a passing job of powering my old Senn 580s, although I'm not sure how it would compare to dedicated headphone amps.

I no longer have the remote. Due to some normal wear discoloration around the power button and the volume knob, I'm rating this a 7/10 on the Audiogon scale.

I'm asking $125. Buyer pays for shipping. USPS money order only.

Please contact me if you need more information or photos. I'm new around here, but I do have some feedback:

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