DENON DA-10 DSD - New portable DAC/Headphone AMP

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hifirobot, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. doctorjazz

    OK, I'm not sure anyone can really answer the question...certainly not me, I don't know the external usb card you are using. I'd guess the Denon, connected to your receiver (fixed) woulsound better, but you may have different sound preferences than I do, you may be using a fine external card. In the end, you are there, I am not. It's not all that complicated, I'd say you should try it for yourself, see which one YOU like better! (is it the 24/96 limitation that bothers you? That is only one of many factors that influence the sound. Some folks now prefer old R2R dACS, which only go to 16/44, to the newer ones that do higher resolution, for a natural, organic sound they are supposed to have. Just try it and use those ears...) :)
  2. Sound Eq
    final question so if i go desktop ---- usb--- denon--- rca--- yamaha will the denon run out of battery or will it be charged as its connected to the desktop by usb
  3. doctorjazz
    I've been able to keep it plugged in to wall while connected to my desktop, battery then not an issue.
  4. Sound Eq
    how did u mange to charge to the wall charger and use it as the same time when i want to use it as a dac to my desktop
  5. doctorjazz
    Why not? Haven't used it in a while (used to use it for streaming from my ipad at the office, office put a block on the wireless connection and had to stop, didn't need it any more). The USB is on the back, line out through the front. I can try it when I get a chance, but maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly. Never had a problem with it dying on me, though.

  6. Pippin76

    Flip the "charge" switch, the DA10 will charge through the USB. I mean, it's in the manual :)
  7. doctorjazz
    You got a manual!!!!????!!!!
    (I know, on line, I know...) :D
  8. Pippin76

    Actually, you'd think the words "Charge" and "On - Off" printed on the side of the brick would be a serious clue in and of itself [​IMG] 
  9. doctorjazz
    True, I managed without a manual...
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  10. vnmslsrbms
    Too bad it doesn't charge the iPhone even if you flipped it to charge-on while you are also charging the unit via wall plug into the micro USB.  
  11. headsetgo
    Although this unit is great and I like the sound of it.
    It does seem to lack on volume for my liking but most importantly it lacks on bass which I like and is
    important for the kind of music I listen to.
    Can anyone recommend an alternative to the Denon that caters for the above I've mentioned and that is a decent
    sound producer?
  12. vnmslsrbms
    I've never found it lacking in volume driving my IEMs (see sig) even on low gain.  Are you driving headphones?  I didn't like the sound driving headphones and yeah it was a bit thin.  I don't think it handles higher loads well.  My Oppo HA-2 is good at base but a bit darker in the highs though.  It even has bass boost.  The price is reasonable and build quality and design is solid.  
  13. headsetgo

    Yes it is for headphones. Here is what I have...
    Denon AH-D600
    Sennheiser HD8 DJ
    Sennheiser IE800 (IEM)
    I was looking to purchase the OPPO PM-3 at a later stage.
    Do you think that I'd benefit to change the Denon to the HA-2?
  14. vnmslsrbms
    Not sure...  I'd have to go home and try it out.  I don't usually listen to headphones through the portable setup.  I also don't have the headphones you listed (only the IEM which I prefer the DA-10 over the HA-2 for), so I am not sure if I can give an opinion on that.  However, the Denon has a much lower impedance (like 25 ohm) vs the 95 ohm for the HD8.  From my experience the Denon doesn't drive my HD800 satisfyingly.  I'm going to have to have a listen again and compare the LCD.2.2 on them as well (which has a closer impedance to the HD8).  Not sure how different sound signatures would match for you however.  
  15. faisal2003456
    Sorry to bring this thread back up, but does the DAC downsample DSD files (like the Onkyo/TEAC unit) or is it true DSD playback?
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