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Denon D7100's: Do I want a pair?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chris_himself, Apr 24, 2013.
  1. Chris_Himself
    Can anybody who has these give me their impressions on them when compared to other headphones within a similar or even lower price bracket?
    I'm really confused because I haven't really heard too much on these from my friends on the forum and I KIIIINDA like the way they look.
    Thanks! :D
  2. elwappo99
  3. LinkPro
    Despite what the 2k post elitists say, the D7100 is a good portable choice that sounds like itself out of less than ideal sources. It won't outperform any real headphones in the same price range on a desktop rig though, so that's a tradeoff. The lesser D600 is a much better investment IMO.
  4. elwappo99
    Well as you can see it's a heated debate. The "elitists" he refers to are people who have experience not necessarily by typing out their thoughts onto a forum, but the people who own and have experienced a large variety of headphones. 
  5. Those darn elitists and their penicillin.  My great-grandmother used to perform exorcisms on her friends when they had colds and she lived to the ripe old age of 90.  Those she performed exorcisms on generally died young though.
  6. viralcow
    More like people reiterating their opinions over and over without considering others' inputs. Which is usually what happens to opinion-based discussions.
    IMO, just buy it coz it looks pretty awesome, for the express purpose of putting it on display on its sexy stand. Then if the sound disappoints, you won't feel so ripped off. It's what I did with the W5000, and I actually ended up liking its sound.
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  7. Chris_Himself
    Oh cool so:

    A) I can buy it because it looks cool
    B) I can buy it so I can wear it while waiting in line for a coffee
    C) But it wont sound good.
    D) I should totally do it anyway.

  8. LinkPro
    The new Denon headphones are in line with the current design philosophy: slap a Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad label on a lavishly painted box, throw in an Apple-compatible cable and a half-@ssed case/pouch, done. Those headphones arguably prioritize looks and versatility over sound quality. So just make sure you know what you're looking for. And out of the high end audio companies that jumped this bandwagon Denon just so happened to put out the most respectable sound quality as well as build quality/comfort. I've tried 1R, UE9000, B&W P5, h/k NC, etc. and none came close to the D600, let alone D7100. Poor comfort, bad build quality, sub-par sound quality, those Apple-friendly headphones fail in one category or another. I've never had such issues with the Denons so it was money well spent so far for me.
    I still regret selling my D600. I feel like the D600 hits the sweet spot between price and sound. The D7100 is better but not twice the price better.    
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  9. elwappo99
    They're only $1200 msrp..... And people ragged on beats for being expensive jewelry
    The two headphones use identical drivers, have identical shaped cups, and neither one has serious tuning going on. The difference between the D7100 and D600 is basically cosmetic. 
  10. Chris_Himself
    For 1200 if i wanted swag id get Ultrasone ED10's NAWATIMSAYIN

    So when i rated D7000's as top tier headphone back in the day based on the HD650/RS1/K701/DT880 scale back in the day was I off? I figure now that 7100 's were a trendy version of the 7k's minus luxurious wood cups and a driver suspension for my money aka no Lawton mods..

    Dammit Denon.

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