Denon D7000 - custom XLR balanced with 10 foot TOXIC Cable
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Apr 26, 2011
I am selling my Denon D7000 which I had custom cabled by Toxic Cables in the UK, to a 10 foot high grade copper cable. This is right to the driver and does away with the substandard stock cable they supply with it.

The cable is a piece of work by Toxic cables in the UK, with a Viablue splitter, ending in a single 4 pin XLR. This cost £300 on top of the £650 I paid for the headphones in January this year from Amazon.

I am also including a custom 4 pin XLR to 3 pin x 2 XLR converter cable, which means that these headphones will work with any balanced amplifier. This adapter cost around £75. So a total price over £1000 quid.

They sound absolutely fantastic, and im only selling them because I find myself using them less and less. I bought Stax 009 and have Sony R10 headphones which are my main headphones. I also recently bought speakers and have been enjoying them a lot more than id like to admit. I have another pair of D7000 headphones which I use single ended downstairs, but they don't sound as good as these.

These D7000's have a few tiny scratches on the wood, which are hard to see, but if you study them, you can see them. If you want something that looks completely new, then I do suggest you buy a brand new set. I am an honest seller as you can see by the feedback so I try to detail everything I can in the auction.

They are boxed, in perfect working order and have had around 30 hours use total. I ship via DHL tracked overnight in the UK, which is free. Outside UK will cost, but ill try and keep the costs to a minimum. If you want a price for shipping send me your country and postcode and ill get back to you, normally on the same day.
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