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Denon D2000 Markl Rosewood Cups Modified Recabled

Trader History (10)
  1. julianbell92
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    •   Canada
    • Europe
    •   United Kingdom
    Best offer:
    Gauging interest in my modified Denon D2000s - excellent condition


    DIY Partial Markl Mod (rear of driver damped - centre and ring)
    Lawton Audio East Indian Rosewood Cups (pre-damped by Lawton)
    Lawton Audio Lambskin Leather Angle Pads
    DIY Recable using 'Toxic Cables' 24AWG Silver plated copper and copper (for the grounds) with ViaBlue 1/4" Jack and Y-Split (approx 6ft)

    Includes Beyerdynamic Case which these fit in upside down - would be ideal for shipping.

    If any interest let me know can provide photos as required, there may be some in my profile too.

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