Denon D2000 driver and cup screws
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Dec 21, 2014
I am in the process of modding my Denon D2000 and noticed that it is missing 1 small short screw that goes on the driver and 1of the small longer screws that attached the cup to the driver. Need help trying to determine the size of those screws or a resource as to how to get them. If I knew the size, I could probably find them online, but I have no idea.

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Tried the DIY section and no replies, does anyone know the size of the screws used?


Did you do some research on the threads here?  Back when they were still in production, I seem to remember threads devoted to the repair of the D2000, 5000 and/or 7000, including issues involving screws.
You can also drop Fostex a line.  They built these cans for Denon.
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Yea, the screw that was giving People problems was the screw that keeps the cups attached to the headband where the cup pivots, somewhere around there. I spent about an hour going through threads that mentioned that problem, but nothing about the screws that keep the plastic cup attached to the driver. Thanks though for suggesting.


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