Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by coolchu001, Aug 5, 2008.
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  1. A Ham Sandwich
    I've had my D2ks burning in with pink noise for about 40 hours now and... wow.  These cans are SUPERB, definitely living up to the hype.  If they are supposed to get even better with more burn-in, then I'm stoked!
    I'm running them off of my higher end Denon AVR.  I'm wondering if it's putting out enough juice.  I know these cans require very little power but since there's next to nothing known about the headphone stage of the Denon AVRs I'm wondering if they can sound even better with a good dedicated amp.  It has a 24/192 Burr-Brown DAC so I'm pretty sure my DAC is up to par.
  2. Deep1923
    Hey there !

    I am currently using the denon ah-d5000. I love how its sounding..but would not say "this is it". When i got the denon, i was pretty disappointed with it. There is to much bass which takes the middles and highs away from where it has to be...

    I am thinking about to change to d7000. But those are not available at the moment (im from germany). The d7000 seems to have a more punching bass which allows better middle and high tones. Which leads into better stage and resolution i would say.

    I did read about lawton audio markl mod. Wrote mark already. He has insured me that my denon would even sound like the d7000(or better) with angle pads and wood chamber cups which fits to my claims.

    What about the Original Lawton Audio Mod = Dynamat.

    Is there someone who has compared the D7000 with a Denon D5000 MarkL Modded ? Custom Cups, dynamat and Angle Pads.. Would love to hear about it...

    Im waiting for responses. The problem is, that the delivery takes 6-9 weeks -.- ...
  3. Fearless1
    I did the mods myself and switched the pads to the Beyer gels (clear, black is smaller and would not fit right) and sold my D-7000 the next day. I did not change the cups, just Dynamat and a bit of pollyfill. I got a good deal on the D-5ks and wanted to try the mods that is why i had both.
  4. A Ham Sandwich
    @Deep1923 have you seen the thread on the DIY MarkL mods?  He posted it before he started Lawton Audio, which I'd guess that he now regrets seeing as how he started a business based on those same mods.  Aside from new cups and pads you can do all of the mods yourself with a piece of dynamat and some scissors.

  5. Deep1923

    Ok you say you sold your denon 7k at the next day. What was the exactly reason?what i need is a little bit more high tones ,stage and resolution.

    @ham sandwich

    Yes i did. I saw the thread. This has motivated me to order the do it your self mod level 2 from lawton audio. It includes the dynamat ,anglepads and custom.chambers.

    So you guys say i should get the d.i.y package ?selfmade no problem for me. I know i can get t1 or hd800 ,lcd2 (tried already) no problem but i love the sounding of denons and wont miss it.
  6. IEMCrazy
    Actually it is my understanding from the frequency response graphs that D5000 (which I have) has a relatively flat response with deep bass extension.  D7k, like D2k, has something of a u-shaped curve, which means the mids are recessed compared to the lows and highs.  If the FR graphs are represented in reality, then you would probably find that D7k has less pronounced mids than the somewhat forward mids of the D5000.  It would take you further from where you'd like to go. 
    Also, what are you amping the D5k with?  When I first got them I found out my Lyr is a bad match for them...too noisy.  I was using a Fiio E11 which bloated the bass terribly even with the bass boost disabled.  It was as you describe, too much bass, distracting from the rest of the response.   That was an amp problem.  I purchased a neutral solid state amp to go with D5k and the bass dissipated and re-integrated into the rest of the response very nicely .  No modding needed.  The resolution is fantastic, though I'm sure D7k's stronger magnets may achieve slightly higher resolution.  Properly amped, D5k is a well balanced, somewhat bright headphone that happens to have well extending bass.  If you crank the volume up too high, the bass can start bloating too much and distorting, but cranking the volume up too much is just a bad idea in general for your hearing, so there's no point in bass damping to prevent it [​IMG]
    I do have angle pads on order, both because I wish for the enhanced comfort of genuine leather and a more stuffed pad, and to widen the soundstage a bit.   They won't arrive for several more weeks however.
  7. Deep1923
    Hey :) Thx for your response !! Helped me alot !
    Im using the Aune MK2 Usb Dac.. Bad amp ?
  8. Deep1923
    Ive just ordered the d.i.y level 2 package. i will receive it in the next 5-6 weeks.
    what about my aune mk2 ? would you guys recommend me to get the yulong d100 2 ?
  9. Taowolf51
    Looking at the graph, I'd say it's fairly similar, at least as far as frequency response goes. The D5000 has more bass (and thus extends deeper), the D7000 has a small dip in the 2000Hz range, and the D5000 has a small jump in the 7000Hz range (which is where sibilance lies), and a larger dip in the teens.
  10. jjacq
    Currently using my D2k with a KR 6600 amp, the highs are now controlled and the bass is superb compared to having it paired with my Xonar DG. For some reason I feel the soundstage also improved but I'm really not sure. Good headphones. Looking forward to having them with my E9 or E7 when they come through the mail. :D
  11. Magick Man
    Actually, take a look at the D5K with J$ pads, probably be about the same with Lawton angles. That's about as flat as I've seen for any regular dynamic set of cans.

    Edit: That's why i have a brand new set of D5ks sitting here in a box, I'm waiting for Lawton to ship my pads.
  12. Deep1923
    are there generel differences between angles and jmoney pads ? ive ordered the angle ones.. as far as i know those jmoneys came from which is down atm...
  13. IEMCrazy
    It's that dip from 1Khz to 5Khz that would give the more recessed mids on the D7k versus D5k.  No question D7k is more "refined" in the bass and treble, but D5k definitely has flatter, less recessed upper mids & low treble.
    That is a beautiful graph  If it evens out that 1KHz spike as much as it looks like it does, it will truly be an amazing headphone.   I have my Lawtons on order as well. 

    In the angle pad thread, TotallyDubbed is going to do a comparison of the two.  He doesn't have his Angles yet either though, so you'll have to wait [​IMG]
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  14. Raines
    hey guys:D
    As waiting for the new denon ad-h600 to see how they sound, i am decided to go for D2000 or D5000.
    I read all the threads here...  I can get them for 228 $ D2000 and 443$ D5000
    Is the D5000 worth the 200 $ more?
    I am also getting a grado PS500 and if i could not spend this 200 here would be nice:D
    Do they "hear" much diference or just in a A/B test?
    which is the "sweet spot" or the bang for the buck?            is the 2000 worth 80-85% of the D5000 SQ?
    Any better prices that these around?
  15. Raines
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