Denon D1100, Audio Technica ES7, or <gasp> Monster Inspiration
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Jul 30, 2012
I live in a "small" city in China, so it is unlikely I would be able to do any auditioning. 
Currently most of my portable listening is through an iPod Classic / JDS Labs c421 / Sennheiser IE80 (silver cable/LOD and ACS custom sleeves).  Home listening usually on laptop through an Audioquest Dragonfly.
Looking for some cans that won't make me hate the IE80's, but also won't have me missing them the entire time the cans are on.  So ideally something with soundstage/detail just a few notches above the IEM's.
Think I have it down to three:
Denon AH-D1100
Audio Technica ATH-ES7
Monster Inspiration (Passive)
... Still surprised to see that last option, never thought I would consider buying headphones from that company.  Leaving it in the running though because I have heard good things from a few people and I find them quite beautiful.
Travel regularly at long duration, so durability/longevity is priority.  Seems like all three are more or less equally portable, but let me know if you feel one has a particular edge.
As usual, I know it comes down to personal preference, so please let me know your suggestions/opinions and try to help me narrow it down further.
Thanks in advance.

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