Denon C551 tip advice
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May 22, 2009
Hi all,
Sorry to bring this up again - I've tried searching and can't quite find what I am looking for in the resuts.

I've just bought a set of Denon C551s, based on the reviews I've read and the price I got them for, and I am looking at options for replacement tips to create a better isolated seal than the pony that I got with them!

I have bought some Comply T-400s, but believe they don't have a great lifespan because they're foam. I'd like to get some twin or even triple flange (like on the ER-6i - I have a set of Etymotic earplugs I use when I am playing in the band) if possible. I understand there are some Ultimate Ears bi-flange that fit, but I don't know where to get these in the UK.

Any suggestions?

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