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Denon AHD5000 with Lawton Audio Level 3 Mods (LA5000) PRICE DROP

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  1. raindogtrombone
    For Sale or Trade
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    • Anywhere
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    I picked these up a couple of months ago of the original owner to compare them with the Denon AHD 7200 I have at work. I think with the upgrades, these win out, but I find they're a little bit too heavy for the long listening sessions I tend to do.

    These are Denon AHD 5000 with:
    -Lawton Tuneup
    -Angled Pads
    -Museum Grade Cocobolo Wood Chambers
    -5 ft Black Scorpion cable with 3.5 mm switchcraft plug
    -hard black pelican case

    I do not have any documentation with this, but can send you a copy of the screenshot of the original owner's email. This is roughly $1500 worth of upgrades - the top of the line as far as Lawton mods go.

    Located in Canada. Asking $800 now 750 plus shipping and fees.

    Will ship to Canada or US for $20-25 or so, though will need to discuss what type of shipping and whether insurance is required. International will be very expensive - this is over 2.5kg, and I will only ship with tracking. Likely close to $75-100USD at least.

    Might consider trades or partial trades. Would listen to offers on several headphones or accessories, but most preferential to Sennheiser HD 800 (or 800 S), AKG N5005 (currently the only in-ear I am interested in), Focal Clear, Hifiman HE1000V1/2, a few others.

    IMG_0806.JPG IMG_7555.JPG
    IMG_1178.JPG IMG_6810.JPG IMG_5550.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2018
  2. raindogtrombone
  3. raindogtrombone
    Bump - price drop!
  4. Eudis
    IMG_6503_1_7b263394-de5a-4ccb-96d0-3e424b53e884_grande.jpg Cups seem pretty dark. Got any more pictures of them?

    When I think chocobolo I think of this:
  5. raindogtrombone
    Probably the light - they definitely look closer to that. Will take some photos in proper light this afternoon. Took those at night with only potlights on.
  6. raindogtrombone
    Gotta love smartphones in low light. Tried to get a better picture of the colour - see new photos above.
  7. raindogtrombone
    Trade pending.

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