Denon ahd2000 and Sennheiser d600 and iBasso p4 Warbler
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Jan 12, 2010
1 pair of thumping / fun sounding semi portable closed cans for school and occasionally walking the dog. 
Would i be happier with the denon d1100's, being that they are more portable, or will i be taking a huge hit
in sound quality over the d2000's.
1 pair of home cans that are extremely detailed for all types of music, i was looking at the akg's but they seem more tailored to classical music over rap and hiphop. Thats why i'm leaning towards the d600's.
And 1 portable amp that could handle them both. Im pretty sold on the ibasso p4 for the power output and from the reviews i have read.
I'm pulling the trigger in a week, so i want to make sure im not going to have instant buyers remorse.
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looks like the d1100 do not need amping, making them all the more portable.
maybe the d1100's and senn d600's are the better route.
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The Denon D2000s are NOT portable.  They leak almost as much sound as open headphones, have a very loose fit, benefit from an amp, and are huge.
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so my rockboxed sansa fuze will play nicely with the d1100's then.
Groovy, more portability, good sound and saving $.
Thats a win win win.
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just keep in mind how much of a pain in the a$$ a long, heavy cord can we while walking or even taking to school. the warbler should drive the denons just fine.

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