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Denon ah-d600 review.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by lightningsmerf, Oct 6, 2012.
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  1. Mr Makarov

    D600 are one of the best audiophile EDM-specific cans in my opinion. Much better than M100. If you value clarity. I can´t stand muddy sound in EDM (vocal melodic trance). M100 is just slightly better than Pioneer HDJ-2000 (in my personal opinion). D600 sounded definitely more natural in mid range than M100.  D600 is only bested by well amped Senns HD700 (with good bass boost) for vocal and uplifting trance (surprisingly one of my favorite cans for EDM).  Check Z review on youtube of D600 (funny but I agree with him in most areas). D600 is very very underrated. For me is one of reference cans (for EDM). Bass is even much better and deeper than that of Fidelio X1 and X2, more sub-bass, more punch, and those two have more bass than HE400s and HE400i. D600 offer: Bass+clarity+soundstage (comparable to X1, just slightly narrower). But they´re not as portable as M100.
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  2. 6a6uH BHyK

    Thank You for response. I suppose I will order brand new D600 from ebay. I watch Z from the beginning of Z - he loves d600 as well. I do not consider HDJ-2000, I tried them, but sound was too U-shape and treble was too bright. In general I have two opinion at this point - new D600 or used D5000. At this point I'm confusing regarding D5000 harsh and sibilance (according to reviewrs), which is for sure not good at fast trance tracks. Could You please tell your opinion for D5000? Is it worth 480$ or go with D600 for 320$?
  3. kernel8888
    yea the d600 has great strengths in those 3 areas- bass, clarity, and soundstage. Bass is very unique and while it is strong, it is tuned in an excellent way to not be too muddy or mid-bass emphasized.
  4. HeavenNotes
    I agree but IMO open headphones like Grados are more transparent and open sound.  I love Grado 325i Gold edition.  Having D600 to enjoy sometimes a change of "tone". 
  5. krenky
    Recently got the Denon AH-D600 and they nicely surprised me. They are pretty solid, very comfortable with that great Denon's signature sound I like. The bass is just excellent on these cans. The mids and highs are great but comparing to the HP800 they not so detailed and slightly in the back. I am aiming to give these a proper burring sessions as I heard these really need that and then the mids and highs sounds way better.... lets see. Overall these are superb headphones I've tried all genres and they have not failed me. Especially recommend these for electronic music, movies and gaming. You can read more of my thoughts here and direct comparison to MM400 and HP800 from Denon: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/denon-d600-vs-denon-mm400-vs-denon-hp800.856127/#post-13617361



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  6. Malfunkt
    These are great headphones, and I've gone through a couple. Very comfortable and great for electronic music and movies.

    I ended up with an older D2000 which is similar but I'd say more analytical. Its also very comfortable. The highs on the D2000 are much sharper than the D600.

    The D2000 and D5000 are very similar. the D2000 is excellent with trance music. The bass lines just roll.
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