Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD
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Originally Posted by jcoops16 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Nice one thanks.

There out of stock at the moment and the deal runs till the end of jan so will look to maybe get a pair in the new year


The product "Denon AH-D2000 Closed Type Stereo Headphones" is currently expected to arrive in stock on Monday 21 December, 2009

I actually gave them a call the other day too, should definately be delivered before Christmas! Last order date is the 22nd IIRC.
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$201.97 - sold from Amazon direct would be the way to go as someone mentioned that Sarjo Wholesale may not be an authorized Denon distributor. Piece of mind is worth $ 2, no?

Sarjo's stuff is being shipped directly from Amazon. I think you'll still have warranty as well (anything sold as new in the marketplace should be fine. But a 2 dollar discount isn't worth it.
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If you purchase from Sarjo through Amazon, it does come with a 1 year exchange warranty. Personally I'd rather deal with Amazon's excellent customer service than Denon directly

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Got 'em for 201, new from Amazon. The gear I wanted for the price that I wanted, let's hope they'll stand for all the hype ...
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Wow this makes me want to buy them just to see what the fuss about Denon's is. Too bad i'm in Australia
Oh well, the hunt for my perfect headphones continues..
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Wow, I got 'em today ...even though Amazon told me Dec 28. I'll keep 'em under the Xmass tree for now ...
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Originally Posted by stang /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Wow this makes me want to buy them just to see what the fuss about Denon's is. Too bad i'm in Australia
Oh well, the hunt for my perfect headphones continues..

Your sig says you're looking for the perfect headphone that surpasses your Grado SR-225 for metal. The D2000 isn't that headphone. You're lucky that you can't easily get them in Australia.

The D2000 has a recessed midrange right where the guitar or vocal of some metal songs are (depends on how it is mixed). The result is that the D2000 gives metal what I consider a power ballad treatment. Songs that are supposed to be driving in the midrange sound like they are trying to be a Scorpions power ballad. Think of the D2000 as the opposite of your Grado.

It would be interesting to see how many people use their D2000 for metal music. I'm guessing that it wouldn't be many. There are better headphones for metal. The D2000 do give a very pleasing punch in the kick drums for metal. But metal and hard rock is more than just kick drums.
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Yeah but I just want to in general try many headphones and try them with different genre's, hopefully discovering that I love more than one just genre, which would greatly open up the headphone world for me
Currently I am looking to purchase the ALO-780...
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I live in Portland OR, home of ALO and 32 Ohm Audio. I haven't heard the HFI-780 or the ALO-780 yet. It's on my list to listen to. 32 Ohm Audio is a great shop to try out various headphones.

I'm also currently looking around for a headphone more suitable than the D2000 for hard rock (I listen to some metal as well, but not much). Currently I'm using my SR60 and HD600 to fill that hard rock need. But both are lacking in their own unique ways for that hard rock need. So the quest is on. I'm not sure where it will lead. Maybe a higher level Grado, maybe an Ultrasone. Maybe something completely different.

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