Denon AH-D2000 - Amp or no amp?
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Jun 6, 2009
Hey im on the verge of getting the d2000's, but im not sure on the need for an amp with these.

I will be running them from an iPod Touch 1st gen at worst, and would really rather not spend any more than £50 more on this purchase.

I'm looking for first hand experiences with the d2000's unamped, and your thoughts on it, will be playing mid-high quality wavs/mp3 on the ipod, mainly electronic/dnb/some rock/post rock, and home editing which will require accurate sound.

I'm coming from ipod stock earphones, and a friend with some AT-M50's which i recommended to him, (they are very very nice).

if the experience unamped will be not worth it, please do recommend a similar less thirsty headphone..

also i have a story to tell about the HD650's, with regards to their thirst for power. My sister's boyfriend splashed on a pair of these, and i had the privelege of trying them out.

he runs them through a large old school hi-fi thing, and man, they are just... amazing.

i tried an experiment where i ran them off my ipod touch solely and i managed to get a surprisingly massive amount of volume through them, not to mention comparable sound quality playing from the hifi previously tried.

I know ALOT, if not all people say that ipod + hd 650 unamped is impossible, but hell, i can definately say its possible.

anyway, the poiint in me telling this, is that, if the ipod can run the HD650's with incredible results, could i do the same with D2000's?

ps. my ears were ringing for a good few minutes after playing the HD650's on full volume, mind blowing experience to say the least.
also, is it possible i have a super charged ipod touch? the battery life is exceptionally long, ie, can play for 25 hours on AT M-50 headphones full volume, i thought this was pretty impressive.
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Unamped will be OK but for your "Punchier tastes" I'd save and get one.
There is no Full sized headphone even close to the Denons that will do better un-amped on an Ipod ( I have 6 Ipods)
There is a small amp called "Travagans Colors" ( See Link Above) for around 60.00 shipped USD) Small, clear, powerful, and "uncolored" excelent SQ
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brilliant, very reassuring,

but still, will the D1001's perform better unamped than the D2000's?

i STILL havent seen an A/B of these two headphones, which shows the +'s and -'s of each headphone.

the D2000 i can tell has better potential, and probably all ill need for home mixing and such, in terms of SQ and comfort.

but for portable use, maybe the D1001's are a better deal, especially being 1/2 the price and maybe better performance unamped.

can anyone recommend either?
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They won't perform any better and the driver is smaller on the 1ks than on the 2ks, so if you can afford the price diff. then go for the 2 K's. They are still FOTM for cheap easy DIY mods (see markl mod). I bought a pair just to canabalize the drivers,Cables, and Earpads for my old '70's Pioneer SE305's and the Pionners sound almost as good as the Denon 7K's now.
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right well

thanks guys

D2k's coming in 2 days.

cant wait!!!!
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Congrats! I get quite a good result driving D2000 straight out of 2nd gen iPod Touch.
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Originally Posted by peanuthead /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Congrats! I get quite a good result driving D2000 straight out of 2nd gen iPod Touch.

oh brilliant.

gonna have a good few hours of solid burning on a train, so i will have plenty of time to have fun with.

thanks peoples

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