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Denon AH-C360 or Klipsch Image S4

  1. klass339
    Hi guys,
    So i'm deciding to buy a new set of in-ear headphones and have already ordered the Klipsch Image s4, but two months after posting the order and retail store that sells it haven't brought them yet (i am not from US).
    So meantime i started checking other options for in-ear headphones and i found the Denon AH-C360. I'd like to ask you guys, who might have heard both of these earphones which one sound better in terms of audio quality? From the frequency spectrum i saw on headphone . com, denons are elevated on the high end spectrum as compared to the klipsch. Will that mean the denons are harsher on high end? I can tune that down probably with the eq from my cowon c2 player, but will i hear the instruments clear, crisp  and separated on these?
    Also what other options can you give me for a max 100 dollars earphone?
    Have to mention probably what i expect from a headphone. I listen mostly to trance music, so i love bass. It doesn't have to be, however, too much of it and has to be accurate. 
    I love treble too. Sometime ago i had a low price Philips SHE368 in-ear headphones that were somehow ok on low frequency spectrum but it messed up the highs very much. I couldn't hear the cymballs out of other high frequency instruments.
    It has to be also decent looking as i will probably use it outdoor mostly.
    Some other headphones i considered are:
    Klipsch Image s4 Reference (more durable cable, but price difference seems too high);
    Sennheiser cx 300-ii precision (bass seems too heavy and cable not so durable);
    Shure se215 (not too good on highs, from comments/reviews i have read, and kinda don't like the shape/fit.... perhaps because never tried this type of headphones before);
    Denon ah-C551 (don't know where it stands as compared to the Denon AH-C360),
    Jamo wear in30 (same as klipsch image s4, different design).

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