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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. PitBul34
    Ah Hah )) China grows the price up:
  2. slex
    Is the analog output discrete or using opamps?
  3. ephrank
    Nice find OP! Very interesting DAC.
    Looking at the circuit board, the resistor networks looked remarkably similar to the Soekris dam1021
    I wonder if they sound similar? [​IMG]
    Also, is the balanced output of the ARES true balanced (One resistor network for the +ve signal, another network for the -ve signal). I'm asking because the dam1021 are inherently single-ended (balanced output are opamp / buffer driven, not true balanced) Thanks!
  4. slex
    I probably get one to connect to Jotunheim balance inputs. Good price point considering it have the latest XMOS XU208 usb interface without getting a dedicated DDC.And the O ring transformer looks cool.
  5. slex

    According to description is a true balance design.

    You have good eyes. Let see any inputs about balance discrepancy.

    I just booked 1 Ares from my local dealer at a good price too.
  6. Energy
    The Ares probably one of the best DAC's for under $1000 right now. It can be had for cheaper on TaoBao or Aliexpress but you'll need to ask them to drop the voltage down from 230V to 115V (depending on country).
    A friend of mine recently let me compare my Holo Audio Spring to his Ares. After 4-5 long hours, I still prefered the Holo Audio Spring for it's more organic sound, especially in NOS mode. Both units were hooked via AES/EBU through a digital to digital converter called the Singxer SU-1. It was a close one to be honest. The Spring had a slightly wider sound stage and more depth. Both brought out incredible details. Spring had more scooped up midrange and sounded more intimate whereas the Ares was more tonally balanced. Ares had a sharper treble, but still free of digital glare. The spring was slightly lower. It depends on the person as to which sounds better to them. Both were incredible analog, however as said before, the NOS mode made the Spring sound more sweet/lush to listen to. It was more engaging. The Ares did everything well to where it sounded slightly more laid back. It depends which you like more, but again, both units were not too far from one another in performance. In the end I still found the Spring to sounds cleaner though so I had no reason to get myself an Ares.
    Funds are low for me right now so I cannot get Denafrips DAC-8PRO2 to compare to my Holo Audio Spring, but something tells me the Denafrips will win this time, even if it uses oversampling regardless my preference for NOS.
    I have a Metrum Acoustics Pavane coming in. I hope to get a higher reference Denafrips soon for further comparison.
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  7. slex

    I think i saw a red voltage switch below the casing from OP's pics.

    TOTL denafrips "Terminal" dac...man this dac company is serious.
  8. Energy
    Terminator I think. You know it's serious when it has three I2S inputs haha.
  9. PitBul34
    Some macro. First 2 photos - output stage:
  10. Energy

    If there is one, it can be toggled but the fuse needs to be changed out.

    If it's a 2A fuse with the size of 5x20mm at 115V, switching to a stronger voltage of 230V, the amps needs to be half of that which is 1A. If its 115V going to 230V, you'll double the amps.

    Thank you for the clear photos Michael.
  11. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Denafrips Terminator from Facebook
    And Vinshine Audio was chosen as official distributor for Malaysia and Singapore...
  12. slex
    Since its using xmos XU208 . Is there an option or even space to install I2S interface?
  13. slex

    Yes Vineshine is my local dealer:grinning:
  14. PitBul34
    Ares on vinshineaudio.com:
  15. Energy
    More photos on Terminator.


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