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DENAFRIPS 'ARES' R2R discrete ladder DAC - close up view

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by pitbul34, Jan 28, 2017.
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  1. gr8soundz
    Might be very hard to tell. They're so close together that defects probably can't be seen unless visible from the top. Also, due to the sheer number, I wonder if some are redundant in case of failures? If so, the sound may not change much but then I'd worry about bad caps potentially damaging surrounding ones over time.
    Great price on the Denafrips but too bad (for me at least) they couldn't find a better design solution. I'm more a fan of solid-state caps but I realize they may not be the best performance option for certain audio equipment.
  2. slex
    I wonder if they have tested trying putting a bad cap in the middle of the bunch and hear how it soundzzzzz:grinning:
  3. alvin1118
    Guys, please allow me to chime in. 
    Perhaps we could not understand the real reason why DENAFRIPS design uses multiple small capacitor as reservoir / filter caps in the DAC. Lets brainstorm together, perhaps the designer like to achieve lower ESR, improve high frequency response, or maybe to maximize the performance of the components?
    The fact is, to us as the consumers, we do not really have to worry the robustness of the product down to the components level, in this case, the multiple filter capacitors. Lets say for example, a computer CPU has millions of logic gates built-in a very small footprint integrated chip, we do not need to worry if any of the logic gate in the IC will be faulty one day, it's rare. There are many CPU other there, how frequent we come across a faulty CPU?
    Back to the capacitor, it is a passive component, as long as the product uses reliable brand (Nippon Chemicon, Nichicon, Elna, Panasonic, Vishay BC, etc), with the right design (DC rail voltage within the capacitor max rating), the lifespan of it will be better than any semi-conductor device, i.e. BJT / MOSFET / Opamp.
    Lets talk about the construction of a capacitor. Aluminim electrolytic capacitor comprises of two metal conductors with dielectric winding, encapsulated in a non-conductive container, in most case, cylindrical shape. The longer (large) the dielectric winding, the larger the capacitance. We can view a big capacitor is 2200uf/16v as 10nos of 220uf/16v parallel together. The endurance time and lifespan of a capacitor vary depends on the operational temperature, humidity, and the voltage applied to it. One possible reason why a capacitor would be damaged (within its lifespan), could be high voltage spike. The voltage spike higher than the capacitor voltage rating would penetrate the metal conductor in the capacitor hence damaging it. At the same voltage rating, 220uf and 2200uf metal conductor surface area are similar, hence we could deduce to say, the robustness of the two capacitors are similar, if not, same.
    I'm coming from electronics background by training, i liked electronic and started this hobby with amblab mini3 diy (anyone here still remember amblab?). When we DIY, we look at the design down to the components level, often, we like to use boutique components for only the god knows reason, lol. But as time goes by, for now, i focus in getting good products, hook them up, just sit back and enjoy the music. 
    Happy listening! [​IMG]
  4. PitBul34
  5. gunwale
    if you guys actually look back at previous post, the more expensive ones has larger capacitors?
  6. slex
    How about several big ones together? Will they react the same?

    Yes i know , you need a big ass chasis:grinning:
  7. PitBul34
    In this theory, bigger is worse, coz big capacitors react slower.
  8. Walderstorn
    Lets put it this way, when i was living back home (in PT) a 408€ deal from Asia turned into a 643€ deal. I've been living in Sweden for 7 weeks but I won't risk the same thing again, actually i have no idea how customs work here. If they are anything like the portuguese ones they will try to find the price online and do an estimate, which makes it even worse.
    From tullverket,
    The customs duty rate ranges from 0 to 20 per cent, calculated from the price of the item, including shipping and transport insurance where applicable. VAT on most items is 25 per cent.
    Shipments not exceeding SEK 1.500 in value that do not contain alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, perfume or scented water are exempt from customs duties. You must, however, always pay VAT and forwarding costs.
    When your package arrives in Sweden, you will be contacted by the company shipping the item to Sweden. Then the company will complete a customs declaration for you. When you retrieve the package, you will pay customs duty and VAT to the company who have completed your declaration.
  9. rudra
    Since we have established that importing to Europe is expensive may I suggest we move on and discuss about dac's please
  10. hyperdanny
    sorry if we're being boring, but if I'm not mistaken it was you who started it with a "I don't know what you're talking about"..we're just telling you.
  11. rudra
    are you sure it was me or was it someone else.
  12. Sanlitun
    So what is the best price and shipping for the Ares to Canada/USA?
    This looks like something I might want to waste money on.
  13. rudra
  14. PitBul34
    I'll make some tests this weekend. But my first impression: Sonica is more transparent, layered and clear, but Denafrips sounds more natural (in my taste ofcoz) with the same dynamic. They sounds differ from each other, but i can not make a choice, it's very difficult for me. I like both Denafrips R2R & Oppo Sonica. 
  15. gunwale
    which denafrip are you refering to?

    i read somewhere and this pure analog guy said delta sigma always had advantage in wide sound stage and accurate position which he calls it fake sound stage. r2r on the hand has smaller sound stage and more natural.
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