Demented question...
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Nov 30, 2001
O.K. So let's say you HAD to choose between losing your sight and losing your hearing, what would you choose? Most people off the street I'm guessing would pick being deaf. But since this is basically a music appreciation forum, I'm interested in your answers. As for me, I don't know. I love music so much that this question is not easy. But never to see my wife's face again...
What would you choose?
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I'll give you one guess.

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Humans are very visual creatures, but they're also social creatures. It is easier for a blind person to interact verbally with "normal" people than it is for a deaf person. A blind person can still socialize, while a deaf person has to learn a new language before he can even socialize with other deaf people.
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if it's been discussed I've not seen it so... I would keep my hearing for sure, I've seen all the beautiful women, plus touch can substitute for sight in that department if you know what I mean, and images are more easily remembered whereas music changes all the time. I can remember what the ocean looks like and I've seen the sunset so I'm pretty much set as far as that goes.
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I'd choose "blind".
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Me, I'd whack on the head the guy that was forcing me to make the choice and high-tail it to Canada...

I couldn't really live without either. (let's see YOU design PCBs without being able to see anything... and what's the use of being a headphone geek if you couldn't use 'em? Not to mention we depend so much unconciously on little audio cues...)
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I'd choose blind but I'd not want to live in Texas, despite the WASP song about getting drunk with ZZ Top. You see, Texas women are much nicer to look at than they are to listen to.

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