Delivered item packaging, important/not imprtant?
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Dec 10, 2017
Purely a low-level, trivial, 1st World problem. But one that bugs me. So perhaps I need to get a reality check....

If you have spent a 'reasonable' amount of money on a component, would you expect the supplier to put the item in a presentation box (for want of a better phrase), 'papers' (such as instructions, warranty, details about the item or the company and mention of other products worth considering)? A box or bag in order to house the component when not in use?

We see so many unboxing videos on YouTube, so it appears to be a thing, but maybe that bugs you?

I for one, wouldn't actually care if £20 (I've guessed) was added to the overall price for the item to be presented with packaging and for the overall experience of the opening of the package to be positive.

My experience with Chinese/European suppliers, they appear to pride themselves in providing an overall customer experience which is appreciated.

So, what was the item that has irrated the sugar out of me, well I was sent a £400 cable in a plastic self sealing bag (2 x 4 inch) with just a business card placed inside. The card didn't indicate that I had in fact recieved the 'variant' of the cable purchased, no labelling, no papers, nothing... just the cable. I find that bizarre. But I suppose I could be unreasonable....

Your thoughts on the preference...


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