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Jul 29, 2016
I have the same problem.  There is an Apple store an hour away or so that has some B&W phones I believe, though I don't know if any are available to listen to in the store.  Everything else within about two hours is Beats and Bose.​

The problem with listening in store unless they let you plug in your own headphones is that you will almost never get an accurate representation of the type of music you listen to and often headphone displays are set up with low bit rate MP3 players, so you can't get a true representation anyway. In your price range the Shure 1540 is a very nice set of headphones, they have a little more bottom end punch while the 1840 is cleaner and has a more neutral sound reproduction. The problem with most of your choices are that they are open back and thats OK also, but, you will run into an issue. Open backs leak sound both in and out. You will run into an issue in having acceptable sound levels without deafening yourself if you're walking around outdoors.
Without a set of complimentary earbuds, or over the ear closed back phones its something that can get annoying really quickly.

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