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  1. Sound Eq
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    Anyone selling ifi ican pro all inclusive shipped to israel
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  2. Rengaw
    I'm waiting on another amp, and may be selling my iCAN. I'm probably gonna try to get more than your asking, but I'll keep you in mind if I decide to sell it. Otherwise, good luck!
  3. Sunrivers
    Picture please.
  4. omniweltall
    He is looking, not selling :)
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  5. Sunrivers
    Sorry my misstake.
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  6. Skooks
    It looks to me like he's wanting someone to gift him an ifi iCan Pro! $850? No way... too good an amp to sell that cheap!
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  7. omniweltall
    Let me was on sale for USD1200 a few times. Though the cheapest I saw used was USD900 so far. USD850 sounds like a valid hope. He can just wait.

    To me, he is better than those who sell used items for new prices.
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  8. Skooks
    The ifi Pro iCan sells for $1700 new... I've priced it at 3 different dealers.
    It has sold used on Head-Fi at $1100.
    I've had a number of amps... including the Schiit Ragnarok and Mojlnir 2... Liquid Carbon... and others... and the ifi Pro iCan beats everything driving my Audeze LCD-3F's. You can tweak the sound to suit your senses. It's the most versatile amp I've had and heard.
    If you can buy one for less than a $1000, do not pass Go... do not hesitate... BUY! That would be a steal!
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  9. omniweltall
    Sounds like quite an amp, mate. I use the micro ican se for my portable use. I like the xbass very much.

    I corrected the price. This was discounted new for usd1200. Not usd1100.

    Tbh, for me usd1700 is too expensive for this amp. Usd1200 sounds a lot more reasonable. Though i am not doubting it sounds good.
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  10. Rengaw
    I have the iCan paired with the iESL. They play very well together of course - but that being said, the iCAN alone is a very nice piece of equipment. I find the solid-state-to-tube feature set in the middle to be perfect compromise.
    This isn't the discussion section so I won't ramble on but, $850 is extremely cheap. I paid full price/new. Like I posted earlier Sound Eq, I just received another amp today and may be selling the iCAN. I'll let you know - but it won't be for $850 :wink:
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  11. Skooks
    What other amp did you purchase? And, how does it sound compared to the Pro iCan? I know there is always something better... but, the Pro iCan for headphones has to be in the top 10... at least for my ears. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Rengaw
    Wells Audio - Headtrip. It's literally next to me at my desk at work, but I'll let you know tonight :beerchug:

    I'm curious to see how much influence the amp will have through the iESL energizer, compared to the iCan.
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